Monday, November 17, 2008


I have had an epic life for the past couple weeks. I started typing a blog post into a microsoft word doc. on my other computer, so I will have to post that later.

For now, there are more important things to talk about:


Who created TIME?

What IS time?

How come we use a clock?

Who decided that we would use numbers to tell time?

Why do we revolve our lives around it?

At [this time] I have to be at school. At [this time] I have to be home.

But why?

Why are we always rushing?

Why can't time stop?

What would the world be without time?

Would people die? Would people get old?

If we didn't have time, would there even be a world?

What would happen?

My dad used to always tell me this... and I memorized it from the numerous times he said it - "TIME: It's the most INEXPLICABLE, RAW MATERIAL of life. With it, ALL is possible. Without it, NOTHING!" I am really starting to understand this quote. TIME IS SO CRAZY, man!

Everyone needs to start questioning everything... because only the ignorant question nothing!!!

Time, man... can you explain it?

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Omegachuck said...

Don't get me started on Einstein, theories of general or special relativity, cosmological constant, cosmic inflation, expanding universe, space-time, gravity waves or big bang theory. Grab some physics books for casual reading like I do, and open your 'doors of perception'. Enjoy.