Saturday, October 25, 2008

climbing comp, cheap bananas, no poo, and rawkathon

This week has been pretty pleasant.

I don't have anything to complain about... well... I probably do, but I will let go and let live so that I can let go of any negative vibes. =)


Yesterday I competed in a climbing competition in Nashville. It was really fun, but the climbs were pretty hard for me! I still had a blast and I enjoyed myself.

There were many people from Chattanooga and Nashville, but nobody really came from Atlanta like they usually do --- I think this was because it was on a Friday. Nonetheless, I was the ONLY competitor in my category, haha! I was in women's advanced... I won $60 bucks.... thats quite a few bananas! =D

On a RAW note,

The fruit market down the street from my house (which opened in the summer, after I went raw!) has started carrying more fruit. I am psyched. I think i am one of their only loyal customers... I found out today that he charges me 3 pounds for a dollar for bananas! Thats like 33 cents a pound! NO WONDER it always seemed cheaper when I go there! YAY!


Today is my 14th day without using any soaps or shampoo. I have had good days and bad days. Right now my hair is pretty stringy... but I know it's detox. A couple days ago in the shower I was so sick of detox that I ALMOST used shampoo. IT was RIGHT in front of me! I even picked it up! But I placed it back down, and stayed strong --- just like when I first went raw and had to give up bread, I suffered knowing it will be amazing in the end. I hope detox ends soon because I hate greasy hair. Yesterday, however, my friends felt my hair and told me that it isn't greasy at all. I feel like it is, but apparently it doesn't really look like it?! At school the other day, a kid in my art class told me that my hair stopped being greasy (a few art kids know about me and my natural health)... so that was good to hear. BUTTT then again, at the gym the other day my friend came up to me (and i never told him about giving up shampoo) and he said "Ash, when's the last time you washed your hair?!" haha, uhhhh...... I dont know if someone told him or if it was THAT noticeable? hm, haha. I'M STAYING STRONG!

Rawkathon -I've been watching the Rawkathon as much as I can... I just wanted to hear your opinions on the interviews!? Who was your favorite? Least favorite? Did you see Doug Graham? Any thoughts!?


HiHoRosie said...

Way to be strong on the no poo - I'm not there so I admire your motivation.

Congrats on the winnings! Guess you scared the competition off huh? ha ha! Now time for that screamin deal at the market for BANANAS!

Omegachuck said...

Wonder how much is chalk dust working its way into your scalp. Is your gym pretty dusty or have great air circulation, filters, etc. Well, keep on winning girl!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Great job on the no-poo. Sarah over at Going Bananas uses OJ (strain the pulp) when her hair gets too greasy and it seems to do the trick for her.

I've seen a lot of the Rawkathon, but I missed a few I really wanted to see. I thought Dr.Doug was great and he was one of my fav's. I love that he is so mellow and balanced.

Rock on girl. Keep takin' those boulders one at a time!

Emily Jayne said...

Do you have any links as to why no poo is benificial? I haven't heard of this yet...