Tuesday, October 07, 2008

rough day

Today was a rough day in the raw food world.

I woke up to a txt message from a friend telling me that he "has been talking to some people" and apparently "everyone Ive talked to including me wants you to rethink the whole raw food thing - we're worried about you"

I just woke up so my reply was pretty agressive. I said something like, "Fuck no. Do as much research as I have and you will change your opinion. We are designed to eat this way. I eat about 2400 calories a day. I'm THRIVING. Do you have any valid reasons why I should rethink it? I log my food into a program sometimes and I'm getting about 200 percent or more of most of the vitamins and minerals. Have an open mind dudes. SERIOUSLY."

He said he HAS researched it and claimed that I wasnt getting b12 and iron. Then he said I'm not eating the right types of protein. And that humans have been eating cooked food for too long for someone to safely switch back. Apparently "cooked food has helped reduce sexual dimorphism and kills bacteria and other organisms that are potentially deadly" ...... he also said that when humans ate raw food, they also only lived to about 20 or 30.

........any replies to that?

I told him what i thought. (I won't reply with my whole txt conversation, but you get the jist of it.

He said that I would be climbing stronger if I wasn't raw. BULLSHIT!!!

I am climbing harder than I ever have!

He thinks i'd be stronger.

I can't wait to prove everyone wrong. Or, nicer said, I can't wait to ENLIGHTEN everyone.

I was really upset all day. Like.. crying... I don't know why, but it just hurt me to think about how people HONESTLY don't think I'm healthy.

Nicole and Steve, my two raw mentors, helped me out.

I liked a quote Nicole told me from Dr. Doug Graham (my favorite Dr.) :

"I knew I was onto something when everyone said I was wrong."

on a better note, I ate my first papaya today! It was pretty good. Some parts were better than others. I think i could have let it ripen one more day, I just wasn't sure about the papaya facts.

and on an even BETTER note, I did yoga class today and the instructor told me that my practice today improved and enhanced like CRAZY. I felt great!

Tomorrow is a new day. I'm starting over. I'm letting go. Screw people who don't understand. Thanks for your concern, but I know what I am doing.


Sarah said...

"...... he also said that when humans ate raw food, they also only lived to about 20 or 30"

As far as iron goes, you should be getting plenty. Nutridiary will show you that.

You are getting protein from it's source, not second hand. All these animals (cows, pigs, chickens, etc) get their protein from vegetation, their bodies rebuild it into the complete proteins it needs, and then meat-eating people get the animal proteins and our bodies have to completely break it down and rebuild it to suit our needs. When you get the protein from vegetation, you give your body the chance to have the tools to complete the proteins as it needs for us, completely eliminating the breakdown process you would have to endure eating animal proteins.

If you go back several thousand years to Bible history, men did not eat meat at all until after Noah's flood. Before then, they ate just fruits and greens. They lived for hundreds of years at that time. The lifespan of man wasn't cut short until after the flood, when they first started eating meat. I'm sure there are other examples in history, but that's just one I can think of for his 20-30 years comment.

I've also researched where b12 comes from, and it is made in the intestines by animals from bacteria that is on their foods. The reason humans no longer get the b12 they need except when eating meat (getting it second hand again), is because we use so much anti-bacterial washes, fungicides, pesticides, and all sorts of other cides. We kill everything and our bodies don't come in contact with the bacteria needed to produce b12. I've heard a couple of raw gurus say that if you eat fresh organic produce, and don't scrub it clean, you will get traces of bacteria from the soil that will enable you to produce b12. You can wipe the dirt off your food, just don't scour it in hot water before eating it.

I've found that a few people aren't really as concerned for me as they have stated. A lot of times their intentions have been to talk me out of what I'm doing for selfish motives because they were intimidated by the path I had chosen and were feeling guilty/convicted that they weren't making any changes to better themselves. If they could talk me out of what I'm doing, then I would be just like them and they wouldn't feel pushed better themselves.

You are doing great. Just keep on keeping on. I've also learned that I don't have to explain myself and my choices to anyone. Just live it in front of them and let your life speak louder than you ever could about the success of eating this way.


Omegachuck said...

Easy there hothead! Geez, I'd hate to run into you so agitated if trying to snag your favorite boulder problem. Ha! Enjoy what you wish,,,I'm off at this moment to the Red, and probably a not so healthy pizza when there this week.

Paulina said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've felt that way many times before when people (especially my family) would tell me that I'm being too extreme and blaming my diet everytime I get sick (which is almost never). I get really discouraged when I hear this and usually what I do is reread those books that prove them all wrong like The China Study or some other scientific book like that. Why can't people just leave us alone?

Paulina said...

I just now read the comment you left me on my blog about reading Dr. Graham's book so that's why I didn't mention it when I left you a comment. I'm getting the book on my b-day because that's when I can ask for money (lol, I don't work yet!) so when I do read it, we can definitely discuss it - I'd love that!

Lisa said...

You just have to solidly know your own path. Others will have to come around in time. Until then, try not to push against them, even when they come at you like that. Just smile and thank them for their concern. "I'll certainly look into that…" will usually shut them up. They will feel like you have heard them, while you aren't committing to changing your belief or actions about anything.
Only you know how good you feel and you are the only person that has a say in what you feed your body.
You are powerful!
Pixy Lisa

Anonymous said...

i love papaya! when i live in costa rica i eat platefuls and platefuls of it...try drizzling with lime juice--soo good!
as for people's comments, think of yourself like a tree: you know you are rooted and strong. the wind comes to rush around you and you can sway with it but not be uprooted. the tree never fights the wind, it just lets it move through it's branches. the tree doesn't battle the wind, it just stays rooted and peaceful while the wind whips around it. you know you're right, so no worries, people can say or think anything they want. it doesn't change what you know and who you are.

Becky said...

You finally ate papaya!! Yay! My favorite fruit! And as for douche bags telling you how to eat...don't listen to them. I think you are healthier than you ever have been! I wish I had your strive and dedication!

HiHoRosie said...

Yay for papaya! I'm so happy you tried it. I used to not like but once I started eating raw it became something so yummy. And if you're treated to the perfect one there's nothing better.

There are a lot of people who do not understand this lifestyle. It's foreign to them. You got some good advice from others here. Hang in there.