Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

Today is our last day in Squamish.

It's still wet and rainy.

MEHHH..... we have projects to send!

The Chief is literally covered in rainy clouds


Ashley said...

Come on down to Oregon . . . no rain here! Let's run the beach on horseback :)

Omegachuck said...

It's the pacific NW,, of course it's raining! Hey Ash, pg 36 of new Pategonia catalog has great shot of Angels Crest, a Fred Beckey classic at Squamish. Looks like 'trad offwidth....your favorite!! Hope the last days are better before you have to come home.

audrey robertson said...

Hey you... Looks like you had fun on your trip... when you moving down to chatt town.

badash said...

im moving to chatt. around august 13. =)