Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I don't know why, but for the past 2 days i've seriously been bouncing off the walls!

I can't stop moving! I can't stop talking!

Even one of my teachers asked me what kind of drugs I took today, HAHA.

Whenever I am hyper like this, I am also very absent minded. Whoops!

I ran around school in my santa hat and acting like my banana was a phone... having fake "real life" conversations with people through this banana.


I went to the climbing gym and was extremely scatter brained!!! I just kept jumping around... and finally I remembered that I was there to CLIMB!!! I had a really good climbing day - I felt really strong! (someone even told me, "Dang ash, you are so strong today!")

I think it was all my energy built up and releasing through climbing!!!

I did an hour of yoga... it chilled me out through the hour and about 10 minutes after, and I was jumping around again.

I don't know what is causing this... maybe 80/10/10?

I enjoy it. But I fear I am being a little TOO hyped up... maybe too annoying.

I AM REALLY CRAVING GREENS RIGHT NOW. Maybe my body wants them to help GROUND me... !?

=) =) =)


Cora said...

Lol @ Ash

yardsnacker said...

ah, take some nice chamomile tea with you to help balance out the sugar dosing!

Omegachuck said...

It's your teenage PTC syndrome acting up; Pre-Triple-Crown!! Sounds like you are just about ready to blast off some boulders this weekend. Simmer down first babe'.

Sarah said...

By all means, don't try to stuff your hyperness into a box and hide it away. There's nothing wrong with wearing your santa hat and talking on the banana phone. You might be just what someone else needs to brighten their day. How many people smiled because of you yesterday, or even laughed? Let your energy shine some light into the lives of those you come in contact with today :)