Friday, December 12, 2008

Triple Crown... and a relaxed week.

I competed in Triple Crown (its a climbing competition) last Sunday. I climbed until my fingers were dripping blood and until I couldn't climb v2. I worked myself to the max and it was probably my best climbing day ever. I was extremely sore for 4 days after!!! I ended up placing 2nd in advanced which I was psyched about!!! It was one of my goals for the year!

My week has been very relaxed.

I was extremely sore from Triple Crown! I hardly got to do anything active this week because I have been resting for the comp I have TOMORROW.

On Tuesday I tried climbing for my friend's exam video... and after the filming, I realized that my body didnt want to climb. It needed rest, so thats what I gave it. My tips were totally shredded!!!

On a food note, I had a box of oranges delivered to my house this week!!! My cousin is doing fundraising for her school and is selling beautiful oranges!!! They are delicious and well worth it!

Today I had a snow day..... but there is no snow. People in Nashville don't know how to deal with snow.... we freak out and close schools, and then the snow melts 30 minutes later, HAHA. It's nice though! It was a good day off... I needed the rest!

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Omegachuck said...

I love the meatgrinder fingers and your bloody fingerprinted score sheet to give the judges. Nice way to let them know you did your best. I bet a good week of non-climbing rest is welcome now.