Wednesday, December 17, 2008

this week

I have not been motivated to blog recently... I apologize!

Eating has been weird lately... i haven't been very attracted to fruits lately. I think it might have something to do with the winter. The only thing that I am attracted to is orange juice. Mmmmm...

On Saturday I went to a climbing competition near Nashville. It was a blast! However, I was the only person in my division. UGH. I hate how there are hardly any strong girls in my area who compete. =/

After the comp, I went to the holiday staff party at the climbing gym... it was SO MUCH FUN! We played dirty santa and I ended up with a "quad camera" which takes 4 pics at ones in one frame. COOL! After the game, we played twister on the climbing wall for a LONG time. And let me tell you, I have never EVER EVVVVERRRR been this sore. Ever. its ridiculous. =)


Omegachuck said...

I was guessing you were taking it easy, and here you are going 'Wall Twister on us. I had one of those cameras once; if it's the same you can get a 4-some action shot in that one frame if your subject doesn't move out of focus too far. They're fun.

Penni said...

Love me some orange juice!!