Sunday, December 07, 2008


Wow, this weekend was a total blast!

After school on friday I headed to Chattanooga. We hung out and went to Rock Creek (an outdoor store) to see a climbing movie/presentation. After that, we headed over to a party at a rock climbing gym that will be opening soon. IT IS TOTALLY COOL! The bouldering has SO MUCH POTENTIAL! There are so many angles... check out these pics!


Triple Crown is a series of 3 bouldering competitions. The first one is in North Carolina; The second is in Alabama and the third is in Chattanooga. This was the last comp of the series, Little Rock City in chattanooga. I was PSYCHED:

The next day we woke up bright and early. It was the day! I had been looking forward to that day for a year! We ate breakfast at greenlife, the health food store. I ate a couple oranges, 4 clementines and a grapefruit. Mmmmmm.

Around 8:30 all of the climbers started filling up the buses and we drove to Little Rock City, a boulder field in soddy daisy, TN, which is right next to Chattanooga. The boulder field is in the woods right next to a high-class golf course. It is beautiful there!

I had a fantastic day climbing! It was the best day I've ever had. It's pretty hard when you only have a certain amount of time to complete 10 of your hardest climbs in!!!

Since Chattanooga is the place where I climb the MOST, I knew many of the climbs very well. I had a whole list of problems to do and I was ready!

Not long into the day, it started SNOWING! It was so amazing and so beautiful! I was in SUCH a good mood and it made me SO happy!

After I had 5 of my hardest climbs finished, a few of my fingers started bleeding. It only went downhill from there. I had 5 more to go!!! I went to this one climb that was SOAKING wet.... but it was on my circuit so i HAD to do it. If you fall on it, you will hit the boulder behind you.... but I trusted myself and hopped on it. I got to near the top and I was really sketched out. I thought I was going to fall. I kept thinking abotu what would happen if i were to give up... so I stayed strong and pulled through! IT WAS SKETCHY!!!!!

More and more fingers started bleeding throughout the day... it was my tips being totally shredded from climbing so much! I had 8 fingers bleeding at the end of the day!!! I still climbed and BARELY got 10 climbs in. Near the end of the day, I was SO PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED that i was falling on some really easy climbs! This really proved to myself that I climbed until failure and tried my absolute hardest. I was very happy with my performance!

After climbing, we headed back and ate dinner. I ate dates and macadamia nuts - I put the macadamia nut inside the date, OMG - MMmmmmm!

After dinner we headed to the awards ceremony at Coolidge Park. I had to stay in the Evolv tent and help get people interested and psyched on evolv shoes!!!

I did really well and I was really excited!

I placed 2nd in advance and 2nd at overall triple crown!

And guess what? I was only one climb away from getting first! So that means I really did perform well!!! =) =) =)


Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Good job Ash! I'm so proud you did so well. Fruit POWERED, baby!!
Pixy Lisa

Sarah said...

Great job!!! You're amazing!!!

Omegachuck said...

Ash that's fabulous! Just a couple bloody fingers away from first! Where was your little tube of crazy glue when you needed it to shut down the flappers? I do hope to see some of your efforts go up on the Team Evolv webpages soon. Bet you do credit your success to raw foods and hard work. So when is your first "Boudering Chat' with Badash" DVD coming out?/;-)