Wednesday, December 31, 2008

this week... and goals

I've had a pretty good week.

I've mostly just been hanging out at home! It's nice sometimes. =)

I've gone to the gym a few times and I had pretty good days. I completed some pretty hard climbs for me, and I was pretty happy with it!

Yesterday I went to Little Rock City in Chattanooga and climbed outside. I mostly just climbed moderate climbs - I was going CRAZY to climb outside so anything would have been good. =) I'll post pics later.

So I didn't really realize that the new year starts TOMORROW... until a couple days ago. Well, I have a "vision board" in my room - It's a bulletin board where I post all my goals and visions. Needless to say, It helps me keep track of what I want to achieve in my life. HOWEVER, I failed to spend time looking at it often and visualizing my goals. So... I did not achieve my 2009 goals. They included to climb 10 v6s, 5 v7s and 1 v8. Well... i probably sent 4 or 5 v6s, 2-3 v7s and NO v8. Bummer.

BUT... then i got to thinking... i never even FOCUSED on my goal at all! I completely forgot about it! I dont know if this is a valid excuse, but still... I ALSO DIDNT KNOW I'D CHANGE MY EATING HABITS! THis was totally a shocker in my life. I never would have imagined last year that i would become a vegan... much less a RAW VEGAN!

Being a raw vegan has changed all areas of my life. Yes, it probably took time and energy away from climbing for a little bit while i was first figuring it out, but now they work together PERFECTLY!

And whats a year anyways? I know I can achieve these goals!!! It was just the lack of trips... lack of focus... I know i can do them soon enough!!! =)

I DO like goals, because i LOVE the achievement factor of achieving them. (WOAH I JUST GOT THE CHILLS) anyways, the higher my goals, the better i feel when they are accomplished. If i set easy goals and achieved them with ease, i probably would have been as excited as i was when I did HALF my goals for 2008, you know?

I need to edit my vision board... start with a clean slate. I'll try and do that today, and then i can take a picture and let you see it tomorrow. =)

My goals for 2009 include:

1. To be 100% 811rv (I am already mostly this, but I just need to cut out the binges on nuts every now and then! I also need to only eat when I am hungry and stop when I'm full. Not to mention, I would love to eat as simply as possible, not mixing more than 2-3 foods in one meal.)

2. To compost more (I compost ALL THE TIME in the summer, but for some reason I've been slacking in the winter and I can really feel that my connection with the earth has not been the same)

3. TRAIN HARDER (I've been seriously slacking in the winter with my training for climbing. Yes, i do climb ALL THE TIME, but i do not train. I felt a lot more toned in the summer... maybe it has to due with time? Not sure, but I know I can do it! I want to be strong ALL YEAR ROUND!)

4. send more than one v8 and possibly a v9

5. Inspire others with my lifestyle


Radu Burtescu said...

Hey! Consider number 5 done already! Only problem is I hate to read of the computer screen and I'll have a hard time looking at all your posts looking for the ones that describe your raw food eating switch with I intend to make as well for soooo long. And you just did it. Like that! It will hopefully inspire me to eat raw and vegan myself not to mention climb better as well. Don't know if I'll be able to stick to goal setting and all that pre determination in my life but I'll give it a try for a while before heading east...
Anyway, keep posting the good posts and as it's 3 hours till new year's eve here I'll wish you a Happy New Year as well.

karla said...

happy new year!

i agree with radu...ive been researching 811 and I am VERY inspired by you...just keep it up!

and about the climbing...triple crown? 5.12? i think you did REALLY good...being a climber I KNOW how it has ups and downs and keeping the same level OS is really hard, i think you are doing amazing

cant wait to read more!

sarabethxvx said...

Hi ash! Just catching up on your blog and wanted to say hi. Happy new year!