Wednesday, September 10, 2008

amazing salad

I just ate an amazing salad and had to share it with you guys.... It does not happen often where I crave salad, but it happened today. I guess I havent been eating enough greens.

I am really busy right now and the rest of the week, but i will try to post Friday night or something to talk to you guys about how I am eating and stuff. For now, here is the salad I just ate, and it was probably the best EVER.


lemon and lime juice to dress it

I was so excited to eat it that I totally forgot to add my homegrown (organic) tomatoes and red bell peppers, so I just ate those as a side near the end of my salad.

I AM STUFFED THOUGH. But it's a good feeling. I feel like I got many nutrients. You know that when you are full after a salad that it was a good one.


Omegachuck said...

Craisins, with anything crisp and green,with some sunflower kernels or maybe sliced walnuts. Add anything else, with those ingredients and I'm a happy camper.

Sarah said...

Your salad sounds yummy. I bet it was amazing with the fresh mango on top :) Quite often I eat a lot of typical salad toppings as sides instead of putting them on the salad.

Paulina said...

I love a good salad! In fact, I think that's what I'll be having for dinner today :)