Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nuts in Nature

I have been thinking about nuts a lot lately. I have gone through addictions with them. This weekend something hit me though... and it changed the way I look at them:

The other day when I was in Chattanooga, I went to the natural foods store...(as always) and I was in the produce section... (nothing new, haha) and I noticed that they had a new food item set out: raw nuts. Except these were nuts still in their shells.... raw nuts straight from nature. There were only a couple kinds.

The point is: it hit me. I have always known that nuts are incased in a shell, but I never really gave it much thought. I mean, I have eaten like... pistachios... but not really any other nut still encased in its hard outer shell. That means that if we lived in nature (which is the way of eating I am trying to resemble) it would be hard work to crack the shell of ONE SINGLE NUT!!!

SO... why the heck am I... (or... we!?...) taking HANDFULLS of nuts and throwing them down my throat.... well it's not really to that extreme but it's close!

Think about it --- we are living in nature. We have some nuts to eat. We have to use a hard rock and a hard surface or something to crack a nut. THATS ONE nut! I don't know about you, but after 6-7 times of doing that, especially with the harder shells, I'd get pretty sick of it!!!

So from this moment on, when I am eating nuts, I am going to remember how they originally came in nature. I am going to eat each nut slowly and respect it completely.

It has changed my mind about nuts --- I feel like I understand Dr. Doug Graham more now that I finally realize that humans probably ate VERY FEW NUTS!!!

This weekend I am going to Chattanooga again. I think I am going to buy some raw unshelled nuts... so I can experience it first hand... so I can finally grasp the principle of nuts in nature.

Check it out: shelled pecans!

Brazil nuts!!!
This raw food thing is a very slow process. Right when I feel like I am very knowledgable in the subject, something happens where I learn more.... and more... and MORE.

It's never ending!!!

last week I found out that pickles are cucumbers. I just never really thought about it. Go ahead... laugh... it's kind of funny in a stupid way that I had no idea!!! I obviously don't eat pickles, but STILL, i never knew that. I never got the memo that apparently everyone else in the world got. HAHA.


Omegachuck said...

Any snack bag of GORP that I mix up for nutrition on climbing days is loaded with nuts. I have a weakness for Macadamia and Brazil nuts. Both are just awesome in texture and taste. Sometimes the texture of the nut is what makes it better than another nut. And that's the nutty news tonight.

Sarah said...

Brazil nuts are a pain to crack. Those are one type of nut that I would not want to crack with rocks. When I first began 811, someone suggested that I only buy nuts in their shells. It was excellent advice. It's hard to overeat nuts when you're having to crack each and every one of them. It forces you to eat slower, so your body has more time to feel satisfied with a lesser amount. You definitely can't just toss handful after handful down your throat in a matter of minutes.

Stephanie said...

Hey! this is kind of a silly question but i was curious to know..have you ever had acne? your face is gorgeous. do you think it could be from your diet, and exercise or are you just born that way. also..what do you wash your face with. im curious because i have acne, and im thinking about switching to 8/1/1 to see if it will help. thanks!

Omegachuck said...

well speaking from a distance, I've not seen anything severe on 'Ash in any climbing photos. Maybe you are correct about the diet having something to do with it now, even though her diet was not always this restrictive. Smart eating for anyone is always a way to help reduce the chances of excess acne and oils building up. But I'll let Ash' give you the final word on this....

Anonymous said...

yeah my mom especially around christmas gets bags full of raw nuts inshelled all types almond,brazil,maca etc. their good.

Omegachuck said...

Oh, I forgot to ask about that one photo you used above....of the loooong lonely road. Looks just like Groom Lake Road out in Nevada except it's in desert out there. Long straight road you can see down for over 14 miles, right up to the restricted air space zone.

badash said...

I used to get a LITTLE acne around my nose and on my forhead, but nothing severe.

Any subtle outbreak dissappeared simply by going RAW.

BUT, I have heard that 80/10/10 DOES help with it. Or at least just reducing your intake of fat (nuts)... and eating more fruits and leafy greens!

woody, as for the winding road, i found it on the internet. =)

Daniel Brayack said...

That makes sense - good thought.

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Pickles are cucumbers. You are such a hoot. LOL!
Pixy Lisa

Omegachuck said...

Hey Pixie, nothing beats the cold fresh snap of a cuke', or the tangy taste of a big garlic-dill pickle. Mmmmm, sounds goood and that's not my hormonal imbalance speaking either/;-)

Autumn said...

811 is perfect for acne! I know! It got worse, way worse, for a few months before it got better though. Now, because I'm not 100% raw, I get breakouts every once in awhile. But my skin is healing more & more at a foundational level. Stay low-fat, high fruit. Every case is different though!!! Every transition different. With acne, when it's bad, WE MUST BE PATIENT. But you can have faith that your skin will be great in the long term on 811rv!

Autumn said...

Oh yeah, HA HA HA HA, that's hilarious Ash

HiHoRosie said...

I love pickled cucumbers!! :) ha ha!