Saturday, September 27, 2008

first comp of the series

I competed in an ABS (American Bouldering Series) competition today in Atlanta.

It was a lot of fun.

I ate an orange and a grapefruit for breakfast... and I was completely fueled on bananas during the comp. After the comp, I drank the water from a young coconut and then ate the meat. =)

I was carrying the young coconut through the climbing gym with a straw in the top... everyone was looking at me weird... strangers and friends, and then i answered their unasked questions (I knew they were curious) and I told them they should have a sip. There were a TON of people who had a sip, I was SO happy to share it with everyone!!!

Anyways, the comp was a lot of fun. I did pretty well.............. I got first. =)

Next weekend I'm heading out to North Carolina for the Triple crown series.... much harder, much more competition - but i hardly see Triple crown as a competition, it just a fun weekend outside climbing. I will still turn in my scorecard but I am definitely not going to stress over placing well.

How was your Saturday?


Omegachuck said...

Hey it's Triple Crown time already! Glad you snagged first place girl. Nice work. Keep the flow of energy going. As for that coconut beverage, wonder how many thought you had a mixed alcoholic beverage (like a pina colada) inside. Many bars serve them that way, in the shell. I hope you were in a nice floral island-girl kind of print shirt at least.

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Cool you could share with others. I shared my figs at work one day with co-workers who had never seen a fresh fig. One of them like it, one didn't. They both asked if that was where "fig newtons" came from. LOL

I had a good saturday. Got in a yoga class and it was bloody H.O.T.

Lisa said...

Hi Ashley, I've just finished reading Victoria Butenko's book "Green for Life", and am so glad I did because she talks alot about vitamin & mineral absorption. I really recommend having a read if you're worried about your calcium levels. Has to be one of the best raw books around.

HiHoRosie said...

Young coconut is the BEST! I love just drinking the water...and eating meat from it too.