Tuesday, September 09, 2008

hot bouldering

This past weekend I went climbing outside in Chattanooga.

It was HOT!

But I still did a couple v7s, which is a hard grade for me. I had done both climbs before, but they felt really easy this time.... pretty cool!

My friend video taped me on both, so I will be posting those at a later time.

I was completely fueled on peaches. I had eaten a grapefruit and 2 oranges for breakfast, and then 2 peaches for the day. It was nice!

Thank you guys for all your comments on my not-so-daily-blogs... Sorry I hardly ever get back to you, but i PROMISE that I read them! My life has all of the sudden become extremely busy! I am doing schoolwork trying to keep really good grades to get exempt from my senior exams whillle I am also trying to train for the upcoming competition season and secretly wanting to become a professional athlete. AHHHHhhhhhhhh. I'll figure out this schedule..... someday....

Hope you are all doing well! I'm not doing so well on 80/10/10. Not right now. I'm going to figure out my busy schedule and then try to do it again. It's just so convenient to grab a handful of nuts to supress my hunger. But I still fully think that it's the way. I'll get there eventually.


RawCaribe├▒a said...

Hey Badash,

If you are not doing well on the 80/10/10 then stop. I'm not saying go back to cooked food. Continue to be raw. If you start to obsess about it, it could cause you more damage and you won't be living your fullest life. Raw shouldn't have to be frustrating and don't feel guilty about eating that raw bread or a handful of raw nuts. You need to find a balance. Maybe you want to start sprouting or including a little bit of nuts the odd time. Don't forget that the raw food world is filled with vast people of differing ideas. Maybe someone like Paul Nison, Jennifer Cornbleet, Natalia Rose or Gabriel Cousens can help you. It's disappointing that there are a lot of finger-pointing raw foodists who say to people you are not doing it right. They've said it to me. Hahaha. They tend to be the ones who live in a tropical paradise and live on durian and mango all year round. Lucky them and good for them but I have found what makes sense for me.

I hope this helps.

RawCaribe├▒a said...

BTW. My diet leans towards 80/10/10 but yesterday I had a sandwich of raw bread, tomato and sprouts. Enjoyed it without guilt! Hahaha.

Omegachuck said...

Georgia peaches in Chatt! Well, almost Georgia.Keep up the good bouldering and hope to see the new vid's posted on YC or similar. It rained miserably here last weekend so I had no climbing fun at all.