Monday, September 15, 2008

raw food update

soooooo I feel the need to give a truly raw update.

...You know how I tried doing 80/10/10...... multiple times?! Everytime I do it, something goes wrong. I cheat and/or feel the need to eat fat. and then i OVEReat it - more than I would when I am not 80/10/10 --- it's totally mental, i've come to find out.

You see, when I don't put the 80/10/10 label on myself, and I just eat whatever naturally appeals to me, I truly AM 8/10/10 without realizing it!!!!!! Then when I "try" to eat that specific way and put the label on myself, I gorge on nuts because I am forever reminding myself that I can't eat many of them.

Now I don't have any labels on myself and I am doing much better. I guess the only label I can really take is "raw vegan" because that will never change.

I eat fruit for breakfast, fruit with romaine for lunch, and fruit or a salad for dinner....

I know that I still overeat. I can feel it. But I still am scared that i will be stuck somewhere with no food and I will be tempted to eat something raw. (which in reality i doubt that will ever happen!) but it's something I am working to get over ---- so in the meantime I eat too much so I don't get hungry.

and there you have it, my quick raw food update!


Bouldering is a type of climbing that I do the most. It is not about getting high, but rather about gymnastic moves on a piece of rock. It's where you find big boulders and find the hardest way to get up it. It's all about the movements... the power... the strength... and your connection with the rock. Here are a couple pics from the weekend:

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Omegachuck said...

Wow Ash'... great moves. Looking hot' in that second photo, that's quite a reach you've developed there. Hope the boulders were kind to you this weekend, and dry I trust.