Saturday, September 20, 2008

college visit

Yesterday I skipped school and drove to Chattanooga with my family.

I did a college visit at UTC --- University of Tennessee in Chattanooga --- which is where I am going...

Chattanooga really IS a nice city. I go to Chatty almost every weekend to climb, but I think I take the city for granted. IT'S AWESOME. Check out this picture of it -- It's a city with the mountain only 10 minutes away. PERFECT! It's pretty "green" as well, and the community is great!

They got the person in charge of the health/dietic/food and nutrition department to meet up with me to talk to me! It was awesome! (this is the area I want to study)

Sometimes I wonder, though... there are some people out there who call themselves "health freaks" and they do not look very healthy. Like... one of my teachers claims she is a health nut, but she can clearly lose many pounds. My friend claims she saw the same teacher eating oreos last year. I DONT UNDERSTAND!!! But that teacher isn't the only one, I see people all the time say they are health nuts, but then they are drinking something processed out of a bottle.


anyways, I am still in Chatty and I'm climbing/bouldering today. BUT GUESS WHAT? Being the forgetful person I am, I left my climbing shoes at home. SOOOO I guess I will be climbing barefoot today!!!

How are you guys doing?

p.s. I feel like the raw food lifestyle has made me eager to make other areas of my life more natural. NEXT STEP: no poo. (no shampoo) --- I have tried quitting shampoo before, and the longest I got was around 2 weeks. I couldn't stand the grease. I know it goes away.... i just need to be committed! I already stopped using deoderant back in May, and I stopped using soap (for the most part) a really long time ago. For those of you who don't know, anything that goes on your skin gets straight into your blood stream. Those chemicals and toxins that are in that soap are getting right into our bodies and polluting my insides with toxins... no so good. As far as shampoo goes, we are the only species who uses shampoo --- it strips our hair of its natural oils! That CANT be good.

If you have any tips and/or tricks, please share!!!


Autumn said...

Hmmmmm, strained lemon juice was my savior during no poo transition. Not daily though as it can leave it's own residue, but used once or twice a week it cleans everything up really nicely without knocking my body's natural process out of wack. I did have to suffer through bad hair days, but not as many as I thought. Also I washed my hair daily, with plain water, no matter what (sometimes twice is I was being mental). Now I can go a day here or there without washing. You can google the no-poo thing for more tips!

I LOVE my hair now, it's the hair I've always wanted. If I make it along a little further with raw foods, it should get thicker too.

Man, it would be nice to naturally be a true health nut!

sarabethxvx said...

I liked the raweos, but could only eat a few at a time. They were best with a hot cup of tea. YUM!

sarabethxvx said...

Shampoo tricks: or no shampoo I guess... Gradually begin going longer and longer between shampoos and your hair will gradually stop producing oil as quickly. A slow transition is the easiest :)

Omegachuck said...

(mmm, Oreos!) Hey Ash; I know there are eco-friendly shampoos out there if you check around. I think I got a sample once from Burt's Bee'sWax company. As for your choice of school, I should have figured since recent magazine articles label Chat'town as the #1 place for climbers to live or school from. As for your shoes, well here I thought they were clipped to your chalkbag waist belt at all times! Have a great weekend on the boulders.

Paulina said...

Hey! I also recently gave up shampoo (like a week ago) and so far, it's been great. I was really surprised that my hair didn't get at all greasy despite the fact that it's always been pretty oily. I've only washed it once this week with baking soda and then conditioned it with diluted apple cider vinegar. I think I'm going to experiment with lemon soon too. I don't know how your hair is, but since mine's wavy, I spray a little bit of sea salt mixed with water to give it more texture.

Good luck!

badash said...

thanks everyone!

And woody, even those "organic" shampoos have unnatural toxins and things. If we lived in Nature we wouldn't use shampoo! you know?!