Friday, June 20, 2008

another day

I weighed 106.4 in the morning.

I love my fruit area and wanted to take a picture by it. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!


I ate watermelon for breakfast. I didn't post a picture because i've posted pics of me eating watermelon a few times already... you could probably imagine -- cut a watermelon it half, use a spoon, and dig in. You know how it goes! =)


For lunch I drank a huge green juice made up of random greens that I needed to use before they went bad... including a BUNCH of spinach, broccoli, celery, lettuce, and 2 apples to sweeten it. It tasted way better than i expected --- it was really sweet because of the apples, but it had a nice twang to it because of the celery. I enjoyed it and look forward to playing around with recipes in the future!!!


For dinner I blended a HUGE smoothie --- with about 3 peaches and 2 mangos (which is more than i thought).... I also added a cup of ice to make it cold. BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENED... I cut open one of the mangos and it looked like this:

This is a mango that i JUST bought at Whole Foods. It was fresh and ripe but not rotten. I have no idea what that is on it but it freaked me out. It was only on that side --- the other side was perfect!? Anyone have an idea what it is?

p.s. I LOVE MY DOG BUDDY... more than you could imagine. TALK about a BEST FRIEND who is ALWAYS THERE FOR ME! I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!

I ADDED PICS TO MY OLD POSTS - check it out! Especially my birthday post!

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HiHoRosie said...

I'd take that mango back! Yuck! Not sure what that is but WF is good (my experience anyway) about refunding your money. I've never seen a mango look like that before.

Your green juice looks so pretty! And you put some good stuff in there. I've never juiced broccoli before. How was that? I do love celery though.

And what a sweet puppy! Dogs (pets) are awesome. So much love. :)