Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HOT training

Yesterday I forgot to post.

I ate 2 strawberry banana smoothies - one for breakfast, one for lunch.

Then I went swimming in my pool...

Then I went to the climbing gym and trained. IT WAS SO HOT! Thee AC at the gym didn't work... it was pretty bad!

Tim, my coach, KILLED me on abs for the first part. First I did pushups on one of those huge bouncy balls. Then i did intervals of doing the pushups on the ball and doing intense sets of bicycles (abs)... it burned.

Then I did sets to work on my crosses (for non-climbers, thats where you cross one arm over the other to grab on to another climbing hold)

Then I did off-set pull-ups and then bumps... it was pretty intense.

Then I finished off the workout with abs --- front levers and side levers.


Then I came home, ate some bananas...

and then I found a Lara bar that my friend bought me a while ago -- it was the Ginger Snap kind... and OMG, it was so good!!!!!!

Later on I got hungry again so I ate a handful of raw cashews... (not the best choice, as its really hard to only eat one handful - i had to eat 2 handfulls) Mannnnnnn cashews are so fattening.

Oh well, I just wont eat fatty stuff for a day or two.

i really want to go on a juice fast sometime this summer. I guess if I get a juicer for my birthday then I will definitely do it.


HiHoRosie said...

mmmm....raw cashews....yummers! I tend to not feel a lot of guilt when I eat those because eating them raw is best. Raw almonds are really great to have around too. You can google it if interested or check this out: http://www.naturalhub.com/natural_food_guide_nuts_common.htm

I haven't done a juice fast (yet) but having a juicer is must-have in our household. I'm crossing my fingers you get one. :)

Sarah said...

Dude, bananas are win for low expense. Also, I'd go for whatever is in season. Strawberries seem to be cheap right now, too! Once they start fruiting, you can get tomatoes and cucumbers really inexpensively too. You know what! Ask your parents if you can have a little garden. If you want to get really thrifty, go to your town hall and ask for recycle bins (they're usually free) and fill those with dirt. Cucumbers grow wicked fast, as do tomatoes. That would be a ton of fun for you.