Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22

Today I weighed 105.4

shoot! thats underweight! That always happens when I eat salads or a bunch of veggies for dinner... I actually kind of like it! Later on in the day I gain the weight back, so it's all good!!!

Breakfast / Lunch
For breakfast I ate a banana. I wasn't too hungry. Later on I made a HUGE blueberry/banana smoothie --- it was DELICIOUS! and suuuuper easy! I am beginning to like simple meals more and more. bananas and blueberries, DONE.

I went climbing today... and man, I really am starting to feel the difference! I feel reallllly powerful lately! and my movements have improved. Since last week, every time I go to the gym I complete a new advance problem (climb). It's great!!!! I can't wait until bouldering season -- hopefully raw foods will really unleash my inner strength!!!

I ate a banana before and after I climbed... soooo 2 more bananas!!!

Well, I haven't eaten yet but I am just going to make a LOT of green juice. I feel like i need to eat more veggies, and I can really jam a lot of veggies in a juice, ya know?


I know I probably didn't eat enough today, but it might partly be because I am trying to increase my water intake to a gallon a day, so it makes me less hungry... I will get used to it in the next few days... =)


Cora said...

So you got a juicer... how much juice can you get from one apple? It takes a lot for mine... maybe mine just sucks.. or that i have small apples..
I can't wait for my book to come in the mail, so i can quit eating all this cooked food- i hate feeling this way. I wanted to be ENERGIZED again!!

Cora said...

I ordered the book "Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People [Paperback] by Cornbleet, Jennifer" I got it off Amazon for real cheap ($10) and it's supposed to be a real good raw starter book, and that's just what i need!!!

HiHoRosie said...

Throw some avocados or sprinkle some raw almonds or walnuts on your salads. That should get your weight up a little or at least help maintain it.