Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ode to nothing-days

I didn't do much at all today... it was definitely a lazy day.

I made a banana pineapple smoothie for breakfast. It was DELICIOUS!

My cousin Hannah spent the night, but I don't know if I should even mention that because she spends the night every night, haha. But seriously, she is more like a sister than a cousin. I like it that way. =)


Later on I went to the grocery store and bought food for BONNAROO! For anyone who doesn't know, Bonnaroo is a 4-day music festival... you know... sex, drugs, and rockNroll. It is 4 days of camping, partying, and ongoing fun. You will never see so many hippies at one time in your life. ITS THE SHIT! It starts on Thursday - I AM PSYCHED!

I bought:

-strawberries (ON SALE!)

-blueberries (ON SALE!)


-apples (i know i know, they aren't in season but i got them in case my other fruit goes bad in the heat at bonnaroo)



-red grapes


There was SO much fruit in my basket! (A lot of it will last a while though. I washed and froze many of the strawberries for smoothies in the future.) My dad bought a meaty pizza and some cheese, and when we purchased our food, he was like, "ASH! Why did you have to get pizza when we bought all of this healthy fruit!!!?" He was trying to embarrass me, but he should know I don't get embarrassed. HAHA.

Then I came home, cut a watermelon and ate HALF of it! I sat outside with a spoon in hand and dug away. It was SO GOOOOD! I love doing this!!!


Okay so recently I have been wanting to "be more natural." I never wear makeup or use lotions, but there are some things that I use that certainly aren't natural. I try to think about people living thousands of years ago.... I try to think of living simple.. pure... without chemicals, toxins, and preservatives. I quit using deodorant in late May, and I never really smell bad... (but i did bring it along camping and i used it once... no idea why...) I certainly do not think shampoo is natural.. so I stopped using it. I heard that it takes like 6-8 weeks of not using it for your hair to not look so greasy... and I simply couldn't wait that long so I gave in today and used it. But hey, at least I use Whole Foods brand shampoo! As far as shaving goes, my opinion stays the same but I do not always go with it. I firmly believe that it is SOCIETY'S DAMN FAULT that makes it seem that women have to shave. It is socially accepted and if you don't shave, people look at you funny. I hate it. BUT i totally give in everytime. I don't really shave very much in the winter (no need to... pants... long sleeves... its a waste of time!) ...But in the summer I feel weird if I don't -- too many weird looks (since its bathing suit season)

So even though my opinion of "we shouldnt give a shit - its only society saying we need to shave," I still give in every summer because of damn narcissism i guess. ;)


After I waited for rush hour to end, I went to Whole Foods because they have the BEST MANGOS EVER and its TOTALLY WORTH THE DRIVE! They are like... perfect! I also got some electrolyte enhanced water... because my dad was about to force me to bring gatorade to Bo0nnaroo so "I wont pass out," but I refused. He continued to say, "BUT YOU NEED THE ELECTROLYTES!," So I said, "I CAN GET ELECTROLYTE WATER AT WHOLE FOODS!" And so I did. =)

Man, everytime I walk into Whole Foods I feel so happy!

Get this --- they had a sale on their peaches -- and I had already bought some earlier that day. SHUCKS! OH and their watermelon was a whole dollar cheaper than Publix. Oh well.


I bought some watermelon seeds at Publix and I am SO EXCITED. I already planned my area to plant them and I am going to do so tomorrow. YAY! That means I will save money on watermelon!!!


If anyone has ideas of how I could get ahold of cheap fruit, let me know. This lifestyle has a reputation of getting expensive, but I won't let it. It is too perfect of a lifestyle to be like that. SO these are my ideas: (tell me what you think!)

-ask local flourists for bruised/dented fruit for their fruit baskets!?

-find a local wholesale fruit market in nashville and see if they can deliver to my house

-farmers market (does anyone know if this is cheaper?)

-only eat / eat mostly ON SALE fruit at the grocery stores

-look at ADS online and in the paper for fruit sales and deals (thanks Cora!)

-if you know any other ways, let me know. Maybe I should work at a grocery store!!!!?


HiHoRosie said...

I buy a lot of fruits and veggies (both fresh and frozen) at Costco to save some money. Also, I believe farmer's markets are a little cheaper, at least, they have been in my neck of the woods. Plus the produce is FRESH and LOCAL. So try checking out your local farmer's market and see. I agree with a previous comment that bananas are a cheap and filling fruit to have on hand. Again, buy a ton in bulk let them ripen and then skin and freeze them. Great for smoothies.

Have fun at bonnaroo!!!

Cora said...

Today i had a blast at Krogers!! They had a HUGE sale, on EVERYTHING! (Except grapes, i went to Publix for tha, $1.99!) See my blog, i posted a bunch of prices!
Yea, i looked again today for new sales with Krogers and Publix and was totally surprised.

I love fruit!

oh, and Hummus!

Cora said...

I guess Bonaroo started today, so i won't be hearing from you until Monday. (That's when i got 100% raw!) Oh, and i found out today that National Guardsmen are at the front gate at bonaroo for checks! Damn, wish i knew where to sign up for that gig!!!