Monday, June 16, 2008



no no, not with eating, but with people...


I am pretty much an enthusiast with all my passions, and raw foods is one of them. I try to be an enthusiast... but all it does is create arguments. Maybe I should never tell anyone about my diet. Maybe I should keep it to myself and just deny non-raw foods and make up excuses. I'm really tired of people starting debates about how this diet is bad and how I am not getting enough nutrients. GOSH.

So this morning I was enjoying my amazing smoothie (bananas, mango, strawberries, water) and my grandpa calls....I love my grandpa, he is such an awesome guy!!! He made me potatoes last week and I had to deny (felt TERRRRIBLE) and today he asked if I ever ate them (my dad did, not me) and I said no... so then he went on to tell me that "That diet is gonna KILL you!" and he said it twice. I felt downer than down... Even my grandpa was against me. =(

That made me kind of tear up (i'm sensitive, especially with people I love and one of my passions/biggest interests)


----edit---- sorry if you aren't a climber - i forget how much i use climbing lingo. If you question what anything means, I put it in parentheses or you can just ask...

Later on I went to the climbing gym. It was SO MUCH FUN! My motivation is back. (since they have all new climbs put up from the competition) So I worked on a lot of cool problems (climbs) today, and it was a lot of fun. I ended up sending (finishing) 2 new advance problems, which I was psyched about!!!

But then............

My friend was talking to my mom the other day and he was trying to talk me out of raw foods.... said it was "killing my mom." so that put me kinda down...

Then a few more people got into it and they were like "OHH YEAH YEAH you shouldnt be a vegan till you are an adult" and they were saying that I don't get all my nutrients.

After debating for a little bit, nobody still understood me or raw foods.

Being the sensitive ME, I put my head down and had to leave the gym.

On the way out, one of them said, "EAT MEATTTTTT!"

They probably have no idea how much they hurt my feelings. It wasn't just themmmmm, but simply the idea that NOBODY IS ON MY SIDE! Nobody will open up their minds wide enough to understand why raw foods are GOOD FOR YOU and that I can survive, live, and THRIVE on this diet....

What makes me more mad is that I don't ever force my opinions on people - I don't even tell people that they should be vegetarian or vegan... I don't get mad when people eat meat or dairy... I keep to myself unless the topic arises or unless questions are asked. BUT they get all RILED UP about how MY diet is unhealthy when i NEVER get riled up about how unhealthy theirs is!!! I have no idea if that just made sense but it makes sense in my head. ha...


I am almost positive I have researched it before, but do raw foodists get all their nutrients?! SO MANY people tell me that I am not getting it all... (Standard American Dieters, that is)

Im trying to stay positive but man...... i just need to shut the hell up and not tell anyone Im a raw vegan! GEEEEEEEZ


Cora said...

Ash, don't listen to them!! Everyone is telling me the same thing, but I don't listen and laugh at the fatties!! I LOVE being RAW and who cares what everyone else think? Yea "you're not getting enough nutrients" HELLO that is BULLSHIT! They're just ignorant, and don't know any better but to put you down!!


HiHoRosie said...

It's interesting how much people are against the raw vegan diet. They view it as extreme but hello, it's not. We're eating things we should be eating and hey, shouldn't everyone be happy about it and doing it too? Isn't it what our parents taught eat our fruits and veggies and stay away from the candy and pop? It comes down to people not understanding. We've grown in a society where unhealthy is good/acceptable and healthy is bad and/or questionable. You'll even run into this with doctors. Raw food? Huh? What? Here take this pill.

Anyway, just keep doing your best. I have found for myself I don't say anything to anyone anymore and just do my thing. If you check out raw forums you'll find many people in your shoes, where they've encountered resistance and had arguments (I was one of those who resisted at the beginning to some degree). I've been fortunate for the most part so far with my raw journey but there are people who've given me strange looks or make fun but then they're the same people who end up asking questions and making changes, so you never know.

And yes, you can get all or most of what your body needs on this "diet." B-12 is the one to watch out for but otherwise, you can get all your necessary proteins, vitamins, enzymes, etc etc in raw foods.

I was just thinking about this today and thinking about blogging about it is I admire people like YOU. Ones who are young and making positive choices that will benefit them now and in the future. I didn't have that kind of motivation at 16 like you do (now I sound like an old lady). I'd be interested to hear more of your story and how you got to this point.

Take care!

HiHoRosie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So are you 16 now or 17?

HiHoRosie said...

Something fast and easy huh...well, I'm not real sure on ideas but I found the zucchini pasta was pretty quick or at least not complicated I should say. If you don't have a spiralizer you could use a veggie peeler and make long noodles that way, like fettuccine type. And then you could make a marinara sauce or even a pesto (yum!). It's good to eat as is but we like to warm it up slightly (approx 100-105 degrees so it's warm NOT HOT). This might be easier for some people to accept. :) The nut cheese I sprinkled on top is not a must but it is yummy.

Or you could just do a salad bar with various fixin's.

I'm still building my repertoire of culinary dishes so I'm not much help here.

Hope the birthday dinner is good and fun no matter what you end up doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!