Sunday, June 08, 2008


I returned from my camping/climbing trip today. It was a blast.

We went to the Obed in Crossville, TN.

I AM SO SORE! The hiking was getting to me!!!

I am proud though - I stayed 100% raw during this time, and I actually brought more fruit than I needed! I only ate fruit the whole time, and it was delicious and I felt great.

There was a huge wedding at the campsite we were at, and there were a couple huge parties the nights we were there. It was pretty fun!!! =)

I didn't take many pics... I will post a few later when I get them uploaded.

by the way, I weighed in at 109.6 today!!!


HiHoRosie said...

Fun!!! I just went camping last weekend. But I think my camping was different than yours as we just did car camping and we had electricity. How's that for campin? ha ha!

Funny that you saw wedding going on. Seriously, when we were camping we saw the wedding car come into the campground. Don't think they were getting married there but just honeymooning there.

Congrats on the weight loss. I wish I was at those numbers! Actually, maybe not quite that teeny for me but close. :)

Frank said...

Keep up the good work!!
High fruit intake and you'll be throwin down like never before!!

Sarah said...

Go you! I've been loving eating fruit all day until dinner. Some people don't like having heavier meals for dinner, but it works for me. You're getting so skinny, too! Way to go! <3

I also totally appreciate that we started at the same time. It's nice to not feel alone, especially when eating raw.

Odub said...

Like I said... will power machine. The food looks great though!! How was the Obed?