Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My golden birthday was yesterday. I turned 17 on the 17th.

It was pretty awesome.

PRESENTS are unexpected and delightful!

I woke up, went to the kitchen, and opened the presents my cousin gave me:

-ice pop holder things (where you put fruit juice or something in them and freeze them! pretty cool!)

-bling bling tattoos (it was a joke)

-a really cool flower pen (LOL) It's kind of an inside joke.

-a pool float dolphin thing (it was to get me to go in the pool more... im a wuss when it comes to cold water, even though i have a beautiful pool in my backyard) that was really nice of her!!! (THANKS HAN!)

Then I opened the present from my parents: A JUICER!!!! It's a really nice one too. I will post a picture later!!! My mom even wrapped it in climbing magazine paper! awwwwwww so sweet!!!

I immediately made apple juice and it was the best apple juice that I have ever drank... drinken? drunk? drinked? ........uhhh, anyways

I went to the grocery store to get some stuff for my day... since I had a few friends coming over. We mostly just got food to make salsa and guac dip.... Mmmm

My phone died at bonnaroo, so I was missing all of my b-day calls and texts... It just crapped out on me and wouldnt turn on even hours after charging. SOOOOO I went to the verizon wireless store and ended up getting a new phone (I asked for the cheapest one they had, haha.) It is still pretty cool though, and its better than my old phone!!! BUT the bad part is that I lost all my contacts.......

I came home and my friend Brandi was already here! My cousin hannah made the guacamole while I went to get a new phone, and when I came home we all made the salsa, which we named Salsa Sunrise:
and here was the wonderful guacamole:

Then a couple more friends showed up and my mom made them vegetable lasagna (not raw, but at least it was vegetarian!) I didn't eat it (obviously) but I was glad that they liked it.

Not long after I served the triple layer sorbet that I made. It was really good!

At around 10pm my best friend Josh showed up and showed us crazy videos on YouTube.... mainly about aliens. Then he left and four of us were left and really scared!!! it was sad.

Then we eventually went outside and camped in this huge tent/garage thing that we have (we always make it look so comfy!) and after chillin out for a while, we called it a night.

I love my friends!!!

Then when we woke up, I made smoothies for my friends and then we went to Whole Foods. I got a salad to bring home....

and that is pretty much my day so far... man i go too much into my day.... do i? i dont know.


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HiHoRosie said...

Looks fun and fab! Great pics!