Friday, August 29, 2008

another classroom discussion


I went on another one of my rants today.

This is what happened:

My U.S. History teacher likes rambling. Today he was talking about Shoney's. He said he likes going there and getting a take-out all-you-can-eat-buffet. He mentioned that he fills his main dish with meat, his salad dish with meat, and any other dish with meat. He went on and on about meat meat meat and how much he eats. He also said he likes going to graduation because they have free chicken and he just brings his own ziplock and fills it up... so you get the point...


then someone started talking about "canned goods" and how you can buy stuff at dollar general

and my teacher says, "OH no no no, I don't eat stuff from a can! Cans equals Cancer. Cans Cancer. Cans CANCER. "

so of course,

I raised my hand.

"Wait, soooooo you won't eat out of a can because it causes cancer, YET you eat a TON of meat? Are you aware of the pesticides and chemicals in your meat!? Meat causes cancer just as much, if not more than canned goods!!!!"

BAM, the riot started. I went on a pretty good rant.

oh this is funny ---

After telling him a lot of facts about meat and conventional vs. organic and all of that, he says, "SOOOOO darling, are you a vegetarian!?"

and I reallllly didn't feel the need to say "no im raw vegan" so i just answered, "well yeah... kinda..."

and he asked me if i ate certain things like fish and chicken... you know how the questionare goes. =)

Then someone blurted out, "WAIT WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN!?"

*smack myself in the face*

I AM SO TIRED OF ANSWERING THIS QUESTION!? What about you guys!? LOL it is truly sad and humorous at the same time HOW MANY PEOPLE are completely dumb when it comes to nutrition and facts vs. myth about nutrition....

The whole class seriously broke out and finally a guy raised his hand and said, "Can we move on now?" to my teacher because my teacher kept going on and on and on about it, even after I was finished. =) good times.

I told the people next to me to make me shuttup if I start talking about nutrition again, and they were like, "OH NO we like it! we don't mind!"

ha ha

man... i love being a healthy rebel.

The other day in class my English teacher was giving candy to everyone and she didnt even ask me. She passed my desk and said, "well.... i don't even have to ASK you!!!!!" but she said it in a postive way, which was funny.

anyways, i'm done rambling. Just had to share.

I'm off to Chattanooga this weekend for a climbing trip. WOOHOO!!!

p.s. McCain picked a WOMAN for VICE PRESIDENT!? WHAT! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!? I'm not personally a McCain fan, but I am definitely a fan of the ladies.

This election is making SERRRRRRRIOUS history, no matter WHO becomes president! WOW! This is insane!


HiHoRosie said...

Hey there Healthy Rebel! Someone's gotta spread the work so why not you? Glad you're getting your share of support among your peers. Get them to start thinking anyway. Now if only your teacher would lay off the meat....

Cora said...

Go McCain.
See ya on the rocks! =]

Chel said...

i love reading your blogs. there so funny. are you in summer school or did you just start early? anywho, i feel the same way you do. were about the same age, your 17 im 19..but i feel like you have such a way with words. when i try to tell people about the way i eat, they just push me down and i end up saying ok nevermind. so you keep it up girl! you give me motivation to keep on goin! :)

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

You riot starting little rebel! You go girl! Funny post.
Pixy Lisa

Lisa said...

Hey there, I'm reading a book I thought you might like "Arnold Ehret's Muscusless Diet Healing System". have you read it?

sarabethxvx said...

awww, just like a young rock climbing version of me. Try not to get kicked out of any classes ;)

Aimee (Bitt) said...

i got asked twice this week where i get my protein. it's a record. i had to re-educate a lot.

yup palin is a woman but she still doesn't believe in a right to choose. i am still with obama.

Omegachuck said...

Ash, your classmates just love how you get the teachers to keep wasting time, thus less homework, eh?

Omegachuck said...

Nice Ash! Classmates love how you kill time with the teachers discussions, thus less homework, eh? Oh, I got news too, so I'll mail you later.

Prisstopolis said...

Meat meat meat, that was hilarious!

Prisstopolis said...
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Sarah said...

Yay, you rebel!

I was in college this week, and my BIOLOGY LAB PROFESSOR asked me where I got my protein. LOL!

btw, I'm a Democrat but..holy God, I love Sarah Palin. She's a spitfire.

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