Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Today I went through a hard time...

I don't have very much food at home FOR THE WEEK (a few non-ripe bananas, couple apples, a pineapple, an orange) and I used up all my greens, so I wanted to make a trip to the store to buy a few more items.... because I am working summer camp at the climbing gym so i have to be there early everyday, which means i have to have things to bring for lunch AND i have to make a quick breakfast. So far I usually just make a green smoothie, but I'm out of spinach and my bananas aren't ripe.

My grocery list included romaine, spinach, mangos, more bananas, celery, strawberries

I was really psyched on making another green smoothie and making a huge salad and making lunches for the week and all that stuff.

But I was missing one thing: MONEY.

but heres the catch -- my mom lost her job last week. My dad works at GOODWILL. I was really really scared to ask my mom for money.

so I called my dad and he told me not to be afraid.

But as soon as I did it was a bad idea. She started yelling at me at how expensive my raw food diet was and how I need to get off of it because we can't afford it and stuff.

I was in tears.

Then she THREW a 20 dollar bill at me...

and i didnt go to the store.

I felt too bad.

Maybe I will go tomorrow.

hard times, my friends. hard times.

why does food from NATURE have to be so EXPENSIVE!!!!?

I should start a fund to feed myself, lol.


yardsnacker said...


It's tough, we know, trying the juicing thing is so expensive compared to regular raw which you can kind of do less expensively if you know how to make a lot of stuff and watch the sales for fruit in those fliers we usually throw away.

Things will be better, you're too awesome for them not to!!!!

HiHoRosie said...

Sorry to hear about the "hard times." I think we can all relate to how expensive it is to eat raw whole natural foods. Wish it wasn't that way. Hope things start to look up for ya.

HiHoRosie said...

You enter your pic (assuming you labeled it "mustache") and then Bunny will upload it to the contest for everyone to see so you won't see it right away. It's on your page tho right? So I can check it out. :)

Joe Rand said...

Sucks, My family went through all of that. Part of the reason I dropped out of college after a year was to help my family out when my dad got laid off. He has his own business, that I actually work for now. Then I also sell for Acopa. Too bad you don't have an Italian Market like we have in Philly. $20 could get you 75 lbs of raw food. Everything you could think of.

badash said...

DANG, i need to make a trip to philly!!!!!

sarabethxvx said...

can you do any foraging where you live... or better yet dumpstering? I know it may sound gross but a lot of grocery stores throw away pounds and pounds of perfectly good only slightly bruised produce every day. One time I found an entire case of apples, NOTHING WRONG with them. I guess the store just had too many. Also getting bananas by the case and freezing them when they are ripe works well and you can usually get them under a dollar a pound. What's cheeper food than that?

Sarah said...

Yeah, have you ever thought of freeganism? It's so sad to see all those gorgeous bananas tossed aside and unloved. I think I'm going to start dumpstering, f'serious.

As for your Mom, I hate to be like...mommish..but she's obviously under a ton of stress. It's not RIGHT to take it out on you, not at all, but it is human nature. I hate it when I'm all tweaked about some stupid thing and I snap at one of my kids, but it does happen. I cannot imagine the weight she has on her shoulders now.

Keep your chin up, kiddo. I love reading your blog. You're going to have to teach me how to make mine as cool as yours someday.

Much love,
Your online Mum

sarabethxvx said...

Hi ash! Glad you are loving salads... they have always been my favorite part of a meal. Mmm greens!
So, about dumpstering... you should do it. I work crazy hours so its hard for me to get out at night, plus I hate leaving my house by the time I am done working. Get your sketchy climbing friends to take you. Don't tell people in my neck of the woods that you are fregan though, cause around here it means "only BUY vegan foods, but will eat ANYTHING you get for free" even meat, ewww. Which is what I thought it meant everywhere, at least everywhere I've ever been in the US, and I've toured a bit, until I saw a news story about it! Haha.
About case discounts this is the deal. Ask the produce manager if they give case discounts on fruit. MOST health food stores do, I am not sure about regular grocers. If the answer is yes, ask if you need to order in advance or if it is available all the time.
The cases of bananas I get are 35#. That's a lot of bananas! Considering I go through 3 bananas a day average and my bf can go through 1-5 on any given day, we go through them quick! I just freeze them as they over ripen and use the frozen ones in ice cream and smoothies.
Hope this helps!

RawCaribe├▒a said...

Hey Badash,

There is a raw vegan in Canada (she's from Ottawa)and she is an avid rock climber. Her website is www.simplyraw.ca. She is so cool. She could probably help you work out your diet as a rock climber. I'll be going to her raw festival next month.


Omegachuck said...

Sorry to hear the bad news..
I was ready for a light hearted story but...
So start growing greens at the gym too! Get a garden started ouside next to the hot sunny parking lot. All climbers welcome to work the garden and share.

Frank said...

With a heavy running and cycling training regime, my body needs calories, but like yourself, i lack the funds to purchase enough food everyday.

We need to manifest falling cash from trees!!