Friday, August 01, 2008

Local comp


Last night I competed in a local climbing competition.

There was one word to sum it up: HARD.

It was the hardest comp my gym has ever had. The climbs were absolutely ridiculous.

Usually at local comps, they combine girls and guys. So I'm usually stuck with all the advanced men. It usually sucks, because I WANT to be motivated but you should see these guys!

I entered the comp with a positive mindset --- I was going to try and be one of the guys. I know I'm strong (for a girl) and I wanted to try my personal best (which I did.)

Even though it was hard, I tried my ABSOLUTE best and still fell WAY short of all the guys who were CRUSHING.

I crumbled up my scorecard and the routesetter stopped me. He told me to turn it in.

So I did.

Apparently they split guys and girls up this time! That means I'm the only person in women's advanced!

sooooooo long story short, I won! Well, I got some money! I didn't really win except with my OWN self. In a way I did win - I overcame my I'm-never-gonna-win attitude that I get when I compete with all the advanced men. Even though I was the only advanced woman, it was still a blast and I am pretty happy with how I did, PERSONALLY. I hardly did any of the climbs, because of how hard they were, but i was constantly giving my best effort.

When they gave me the money, Kyle, the person giving out the awards, talked about how I always show up even though I have to compete against the guys and I still always give my best effort and I really deserve getting first, even though I'm the only advanced girl in Nashville.

It made my night.

IM SO PSYCHED FOR USA CLIMBING COMPS TO START! this is only the beginning of the hype!
These are of me working on some of the advanced problems:


yardsnacker said...

I love those pictures of you rockin it! So cool! Congratulations on your win!!! Here is a rock climbing structure at a park near us. I think I'm going to have to attempt it in your honor!lol No, wait, maybe I'll just bungee jump from it...much easier. ;)

HiHoRosie said...

WOO HOO! Congrats on your advancement and win! That is so great! And you should def be proud of your accomplishment. Can't wait to hear about the future competitions.

Omegachuck said...

So the gym finally put up routes to challenge you, eh? Nice job, a win is a win; pretend there were 9 others in womens finals, but they all got zero points. If you felt you were fit, and pushing all you could do, then I would guess any finish probably would have been satisfying for you.

Omegachuck said...

Oh by the way, the blue shirt looks great, but I miss seeing the traditional Ash-comp' tie dye.

sarabethxvx said...

That is so awesome! you rule girl! Maybe some other girls will be inspired by your awesome climb and you won't be the only one next time ;)

badash said...

Woodchuck, I know you probably miss the tyedye (and I do too at comps) but I have sponsors now and i have to represent them at comps...


Omegachuck said...

I kinda figured that.....others too in similar shirts with logo's, etc. But hmmm, how about a tie dye headband!! It's your identity girl!

calaismarie said...

ash you look SO strong. congrats on the win!!