Wednesday, August 06, 2008



I just realized something yesterday about my diet... I have overcome my fear of greens.

When I first went raw, I absolutely hated greens.

Which means I hated salads - I found them extremely plain and bitter.

Then when I went raw, I immediately went 80/10/10 but this is what I was doing when it came to greens: I would BUY the green leafy veggies, and then let them waste away in the fridge. All the while I was thinking I was eating them. I'd have a LITTLE now and then but FAR from enough... not even close!

Then I learned about green smoothies and my first few were gross... not enough ripe fruit.

So then I got a juicer and it was the perfect way to get me into greens -- I juiced ALL my greens (and made ridiculous amounts of juice) and I would drink a TON of it... at first I would either chug it or just sweeten it with apples, but then i started to actually enjoy them for what they were and i LOVED the energy I got from them.

But I needed more.

So eventually I made an amazing green SMOOTHIE and now I am OBSESSED with them!

I stopped juicing (temporarily, as I'm 80/10/10 again) but I haven't stopped eating greens...

THis post is mainly about this though:

I started LOVING salads.

It's seriously a miracle if you knew how I used to eat.

I learned how to make salad dressings by blending fruits, and MAN it makes it SO GOOD.

The factors that really made me start liking salads are these:

-chopping up the lettuce in REALLLLLY SMALL PIECES -- i feel like I can eat it better this way. I don't know why, but I can't stand HUGE leafy veggies - I don't eat as much of it.

-adding fruit --- I love my salads with fruit. It tastes sweet and delicious

but what first got me into salads was adding chopped raw nuts. Now i've learned to omit them (as I am doing low-fat) and im still loving my salad more than ever!

SO guess what - yesterday I ate a HUGE salad and it had ZERO fruit in it. All it was, was diced up lettuce with a BUNCH of chopped tomatoes from our garden. I never knew how delicious tomatoes were!!!!!! SInce I don't eat salt, the tomatoes were SO NATURALLY SALTY and delicious! I was amazed at myself for eating SO MUCH of it.

Another funny thing is how my portion size of salads has grown ENORMOUSLY. I can eat a whole head of lettuce in one sitting.... it takes me a LONG time to eat salads, but I always finish because i love the feeling they give me.

Like --- you know how at parties and family dinners how you have a HUUUUGE salad bowl to serve EVERYONE? well my PERSONAL salad is almost that big now... As long as the pieces are chopped up small, I can eat SO MUCH SALAD. They make me feel amazing.

Even when I am writing this, I still can't believe how much I like salad. I wish all of you knew me before raw foods... you'd be amazed at me. =)

I'm truly taking steps in my raw food lifestyle. SUPER SALADS! =)


Sarah said...

Oh my GOD! I feel so kale is totally wilted and unloved in my fridge. I am going to gobble it up. I really do need to love my greens, yo.

We should make Bunny let us be secret buddies and I will send you tons of aloe, lol. I can't wait for your website to come out! Much love, chica!

Joe Rand said...

So are all cheeses out?

HiHoRosie said...

Yay for super salads!! Yardsnacker I'm sure can totally relate to this post!

Sarah said...

Salads are amazing, especially with fresh tomatoes from the garden. Yum. It's funny how the portion sizes grow. I have a large 12-cup serving bowl that I fill to the top (and sometimes over the top) for my dinner salads. I love it. It just looks normal to me now. I had a relative watching me make the salad one day, and then when I sat down to eat it she about fell over. She thought I was preparing dinner for the whole family, LOL. She couldn't believe I was about to eat all that.

yardsnacker said...

Don't tell Heidi, but I seriously am in love with kale right now....and I totally know what you are talking about when it comes to how I used to eat too.

Kristen's Raw said...

I'm crazy for salads and green smoothies and green juice. I've always liked greens, but I like them even more now.

Sometimes it takes time for people to appreciate a love affair with greens, but many people find they like them better over time vs when they first start with them.


Omegachuck said...

I've been an on-off salad kinda person. It's the tangy dressings that I now avoid, and just go green, fresh, and raw. Much better now.

Autumn said...

Great post. I love & crave greens too!