Friday, August 15, 2008

class confession

OKAY, so it was yet another day of raw vegan talk amongst the students...

My school hasn't issued us lockers yet, so we are carrying everything around. For me, that means I am carrying around my lunch.

Today I wanted something simple and easy, so I brought 6 large ripe bananas.

I carried them in a plastic produce bag - so it was see-through.

Many people were giving me weird looks throughout the day for carrying around a bunch of bananas, and a few people asked for one, but i had to tell them it was my lunch and they all walked away confused.

But this brings me to English class...

My bananas were placed gently next to my bag. This [loud] girl sat next to me and looks at the bananas. Then she looks at me. Then she looks at the bananas.







"HOW CAN YOU EAT ALL OF THOSE!??????!!?!?!?"

---------here it goes again-------------

"I'm a raw vegan."

again, the whole class stops and turns towards me.

and of course, I had some 'splainin to do.

Basically, you know how it goes, I told them and they asked questions, and OMG i totally OWNED them... Seriously, they would try to say something about "BUt where do you get your protein?" or "where do you get calcium" and dudes, i NAILED IT. I explained everything so well. They all realized I was pretty DAMN educated and i felt like they really respected me.

just had to share... ha ha.


Omegachuck said...

You will need an entire backpack to haul a serious lunch of romaine lettuce, fresh spinach,a half dozen bananas and a few broccoli heads. Rabbit food. They're gonna start to call you rabbit girl.

Anonymous said...

A guy I climb with from time to time is a Vegan...his wife may be too but Im not sure. A lot of people ask him how he gets his protein. He got tired of answering it all the time so now he just tells people that he has a lot of boyfriends. The oddest part about it is that people seem to understand that better and take it as a real answer.

Anonymous said...

I think you should homeschool yourself! lol!

Big Hugs!

HiHoRosie said...

YAY! Good for you! Maybe you'll convert a few to try raw one of these days. :)

Cora said...

You rock Ash.

Autumn said...

Ha ha, way to own it girl!

Lisa said...

College and tenting it? What do you plan on studying? Could you learn as much out of the mainstream? Or do you need the "peace of paper".
I see you loved INTO THE WILD _ Me too. I saw it just before Xmas. There was only me, my 13year old daughter and one other guy in the picture theatre. It put me in Heaven... then I walked out into congested, garrish, devestating materialism in the form of "Christmas shoppers in a suburban shopping mall". Buzz obliterated - but now I just listen to the soundtrack to get back there. One of my dreams is to put on a lightweight backpack with a little tent and go for a walk. First around New Zealand, then the world! YehAA! Fuelled all the way on fruits and vege :-)