Monday, August 11, 2008


Today I was talking to someone at lunch and apparently there is a rumor spreading around that I have an eating disorder.

I've heard it a few times, but this time I feel like posting because of how RIDICULOUS it is.

I have heard from people in my local climbing community that I am going anorexic. LOL.

I have to laugh, because of how OBSESSED I am with food.

Seriously... i mean... c'mon! Food is my other passion besides climbing!

I am always thinking about food. Maybe I have an eating disorder in that I CANT GET FOOD OUT OF MY HEAD! lol!

But seriously... I just HAVE to laugh when I hear this.

They must not know me very well if they think I have an eating disorder -- thats like absolutely ridiculous!

Okay, so I got thin. WOW. I'm not TOO skinny or anything!!! People are so used to seeing fat people and SLIGHTLY overweight people, so when they see me I guess I look skinny to them and since they know I'm on a "weird diet" they automatically assume it's an eating disorder.

oh well.

I don't care what people think.

I'll do another post later, I just wanted to share this... funny, huh!?


HiHoRosie said...

That sucks. With your obvious obsession and LOVE of food I don't see how it's possible. Hope this rumor gets put to rest!

Daniel Brayack said...

That's great that you're not letting it bother you - I hung out with you just a bit and your dad wouldn't stop making fun of you about how much you ate....

I think you do have an ED - I think you eat TOO MUCH...JK...

yardsnacker said...

Yea, people freak when people get healthy. It's so not American right :D

Autumn said...

yeah I don't get the eating disorder comments because lots of people have seen me put away like 5-10 Bananas at once & then a head of celery to boot. But I do get lots of comments about being skinny. My Mexican friends have been in intervention mode lately. But not about being anorexic, but the whole raw thing & liking it better when I was rounder (he, I don't blame them, but I'm feel great about myself now too ... especially that my skin has cleared up so nicely).

Omegachuck said...

Jealous snits. Just the appearance of a green handful of spinach or romaine to eat and they want to call it an eating disorder? If you were anorexic, you wouldn't have all that Badash' energy for bouldering, now would you? Well you've been through tougher times than this, so glad you are laughing it off easily. Bring a whole grain granola bar along to impress them tomorrow.

Sarah said...

It's crazy the things that people come up with. I've heard all sorts of rumors as well. I've been labeled with an eating disorder, although once people see me eat then they know that's not true. I was even accused of poisoning my husband (by one of his Ex's family members) because he's lost so much weight I must be slipping something into his food trying to knock him off. LOL Over time people will see the truth. I'm glad you aren't letting this get you down and that you can see the humor in it.

Joe Rand said...

They probably see you climb and are now seeing you climb harder since you are thinner and stronger so they make up things to make themselves feel better about not being so strong. There are lots of rumors about pro climbers, maybe some are true, but it takes a lot of discipline to stay that strong. Don't listen to them, just keep pulling hard.

For anyone at OR...did you see all of the pictures of Ash up at the Friksn climbing clothing booth?

sarabethxvx said...

I have the same eating disorder... food obsession!
Unfortunately it hasn't made me skinny ;)
I have been trying to push myself a little harder to exersize outside of my normal routine so maybe soon people will start making up ed rumors about me. Like i'd ever waste good food pffft!

Omegachuck said...

I gotta drink more water, I know that's the key. Ate fewer meals, overall less food during week in Vegas by not snacking. I'm down 10 pounds in last month and 3 inches in waistline, which means I can now wear my most comfy climbing harness once again!! More to go; maybe I should go 'green' for awhile, eh?