Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer Camp

So I haven't posted about summer camp yet, and I only have a couple things to say...

I worked summer camp this week at my local climbing gym.

It has been really fun but a little annoying at the same time. More fun than annoying i think...

The group of kids we have this week exceeds the limit, and the hyperactive energy never stops... they are mostly all really really greedy kids (even the camp supervisor was talking about how this is the hardest group he has ever worked with in this case) and they are THE WORST at team building games. It's almost SAD how they don't agree or plan or work as a team.

Oh well.

Anyways what I was getting to was this:

Everyday, during snacktime, we hand out a choice of chex mix, cheez-its, animal crackers, or ritz bitz. To drink they have a choice of a few kinds of sugary juice. ....awesome.

I always bring my plain and simple energy: a few bananas and romaine leaves. I wrap the bananas in the romaine leaf and eat it.

This one girl says this every single day -- "You like bananas too much. You like bananas too much. You like bananas too much"

and I'm like "ARE YOU CRAZY! You can never like fruit too much!"

"yeah you can!!!! you like bananas too much!"

hmmmmmm kids these days. Need I say she was a little overweight? (sorry thats mean! but you know what i'm saying? kids think its weird when you eat bananas everday for lunch, even though they are eating the same processed food everyday!!!)


HiHoRosie said...

Agreed! And I like to say that a lot too: "kids these days".

And too many bananas??? What??? Is there such a thing???

I'll have to try the banana romaine burrito sometime.

Omegachuck said...

I'm guessing these kids are like all under age 8? Here I thought you were gonna say you served them all a green drink one day of camp. And knock off the bananas!!

Connie said...

The behavior of children is so very much related to their diets and the camp wass just adding more white flour colorings preservatives etc and then complaining about their bad attitudes. It is sad and there is no easy answer. Our entire society and their worship of quick cheap foods have made a mess of our kids. My little grandson has been raised on raw food but occasionally has other foods when we are at birthday parties, etc. Yesterday he ate a cooked vegan cookie at the natural foods store; you would have thought we we had given him a truck load of M&Ms his behavior was so changed. He went from a sweet lovable little boy to a little monster bouncing off the walls. When I got onto him he said, "It's that cookie you let me have Oma. " lol! Luckily he is back to normal today. Maybe you and your generation will have had enough of this nonsense by the time you have children and can start turning things around.

I realy like your blog! :)


Omegachuck said...

Connie is right. Kids turn their nose up to healthy stuff only because they have not been exposed to it enough. Now as for that banana romaine burrito.......