Monday, August 11, 2008

Lily Boulders

This weekend I went climbing outside at Lily Boulders in Crossville, TN.

I left on Saturday morning at around 6am or so, and hit the road.

I had a really fun climbing day! I worked and sent a v5 and a v6. I also worked on another v5 that I finally sent the next day when I was fresh. Also, I worked on a v8 among other things.

That night was really fun - I love chillin by the campfire at the Obed... campfires are magical, they really are!!! Everyone was talking (this includes people I don't know who were staying at the campsite) and i was like, "GUYS guys guys GUYS GUYS.... everyone be quiet... shhh" and so everyone shut up and I was like, "I just wanted everyone to be aware of this fire right here. It is magical. It brings people together! I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware!!!!!"

ha ha i'm weird.

The next day I felt fantastic. I sent that v5 that was pushing me off -- I decided to dance with the rock instead of fight with it. Then I worked on a bunch of other climbs and later on I send this unnamed problem in the roof --- it was an amazing climb. It felt harder to me than the 2 problems next to it, which are v7 and v8 BUT those are overrated. I'd probably give the problem I did v6 or v7 at the most. But still.. it was amazing!

I wish I had pics, but i left my camera in my car when I left by COMPLETE accident.

OH p.s. I survived on mono-meals of bananas, dates, and figs this weekend and my energy never stopped! Oh and romaine lettuce. Can't forget the greenery!!


Omegachuck said...

Ash, I can just see you reaching in to a big green bag with a white chalky hand for a snack. Me? I sustained myself the last few days on my stack of military MRE's as usual. There was a packet of applesauce in there, just to pretend it's healthy.
And I totally agree with your campfire evaluation. Too many ignore it's magical sparks and aura.

Daniel Brayack said...

Nice weekend Ash - glad the weather was nice. Its been nice out here too - climbed Sat and am bouldering today....tty

sarabethxvx said...

I keep hoping the figgs are going to get less expensive. No luck so far!

Autumn said...

Hey Girl,

I hope you money situation has worked out for you by now! I just read about it below.

Have you looked into buying cases of Bananas yet? I'm gonna be mono mealing on a case of Nanners myself this week, due to money & time issues.

If I remember correctly Sarah, at GoingBananas was buying cases of Bananas for like $15 (40 lbs ~ that's like over a hundred pieces) at Wal-Mart.

I know I know Wal-mart of all places .... I have a hard time shopping there myself. But if I was ever in a very very low money situation that is what I would do to get by for even a couple of months. Mono diet bay-bee! As you wrote of above, but even simpler. It's fine nutritionally for a little while too, as long as you also get a little variation throughout the seasons of the year in the long run. Those figs have been good for you!

I've been buying my cases of Organic Bananas for 30 dollars each, twice a week (a rotation to leave time for ripening). This is actually for two people though.

If you don't already talk to your produce managers about case deals. They should always discount for you. And keep an eye out for ripening trees in people yards, this time of year of course. Usually it's helpful to have someone come along & offer to help you eat ALL the nice ripe fruit that grows on just one tree. It's amazing the abundance in nature!

HiHoRosie said...

hee hee! Awesome! And who doesn't love a good campfire? When I have a house with a good yard I want a firepit so I can have fires a lot. :) Sounds like a great weekend. Maybe pics next time.

Omegachuck said...

My outdoor firepit is the highlight of our backyard post climbing evenings. Lets us unwind, pause and reflect on the day's events, and adds to the overall enjoyment of an evening together.