Thursday, August 14, 2008

my voice in class

so I will share with you a couple statements that has happened in school so far:


In science we were talking about homogenized mixtures. The example on the paper was homogenized milk. My teacher was explaining how when you leave milk out, the butterfat rises to the top, thus making it separated from the rest.

Somone said something about the fat, and then my teacher said, "yeah thats why I drink skim milk"

and then she was talking about the ingredients in skim milk and why it's different than other milk,

and I thought to myself, "YES this is the perfect chance to make my voice heard"

so I blurted out, "Yeah AAAAND it has cow's pus and blood in it!"

and everyone turned and looked at me
so i continued talking, "Did you know milk is colored? Chocolate milk is actually pink-tinted... that's why they have to make it chocolate and color it.... milk is not for humans to drink - it's to fatten baby cows!... we are the only species to drink other species milk, and thats DISGUSTING..."
oh, how i love getting off topic.
BAM, hit them hard. They will probably think of this later when they are drinking milk.

SOmething I find funny is how much I have told my friends about their food (ususally only when they ask) but they always tell me that I ruin it for them. But in a good way - like i ruin the unhealthy things - they are happy about it usually. But a lot of them say, "MAN ash, you totally ruined milk for me. Now I can't stop thinking about pus and blood when i drink milk so i'm starting to decrease my intake" or something... it's great, actually. haha, oh the influence I have. =)


As most of you know, I'm a rock climber. My passion is to be outside, in nature, dancing on the face of a rock. With this passion comes CAMPING, something that is practically required on trips. I love the camping lifestyle, and I have always planned on camping for LONG periods of time when I get older.

SOOO this is my story: My teacher was trying to prove that everyone cares about money. He asked how many people want to be rich... everyone raised their hands except a few (of course i kept my hand down!) He also asked who would want a new car (I could care less, I already have a car, i don't really care to get the best out there!)

So this is the main one: He asked "Who would want to graduate college and live in a tent?!"

and of COURSE I raised my hand, because that is SERIOUSLY what i want to do! lol i think everyone in the class thinks i was joking... they don't know me, do they!?
YAY for making my voice heard. I can't wait for any possible time to make people think, HARD. I thought the milk story was a classic... because you KNOW they will all be thinking about what i went ranting on later one sometime when they are drinking milk.


Omegachuck said...

Badash, you are a badass. Trying already to piss off the teachers, eh? Smart mouth milk girl... Hey, I AM a college graduate who lives in a tent! Yes, I have a home, but choose to life outside in my tent in the backyard for most of the last 8 years. Tent rots out, just toss up another cheap one from WalMart. I'm surprised the social studies/history teacher is so convinced that kids are all into just money,money. Do climber save their money? No, they spend their extra 50 bucks on hand for a new #5cam or shove some aside for the next road trip. We work from hand to mouth to rock. Glad you voted for the tent life, HoooYaaa Ash!

Anonymous said...

My friend is living in a tent. . He talks all about it in his blogs. I designed but never built a storage system for the back of my truck to live out of it all over the country. Still may do it down the road.


sarabethxvx said...

haha, you little rabble rouser... no wonder you aren't making friends ;)
good for you!

HiHoRosie said...

hahaha!! You are so funny! Love the milk rant!

And you are so that guy from "Into the Wild"

Wishing you continued success on influencing your friends BadAsh style. :D

Omegachuck said...

No, I am that McCandless guy out in the wild. Close to making that life choice once a few years ago. Oh, and Ash and I also live the 'Into Thin Air' life, also written by Krakauer. If Badash' ever gets to the Himalaya, she'd choose to stay in base camp so she could do awesome boulders all day, then maybe even prepare our expedition 'green' meals. Ash, what do you think? A good skill to sell yourself onto a high altitude expedition?? Go for it. Think of the art you could do from 18,000 ft.

HiHoRosie said...

hey, just make sure you know your plants better than Chris! thing is I can totally see you living wild for awhile. :)

Cora said...

YES!!! HIGH FIVE to you! I soo had a similar experience yesterday AND today! Yesterday I was over April's and her Husband was like 'lettuce is rabbit food, it had no nutritional value, it's just a filler.' I was like wow, yea OK. (didn't say anything futher) Then today I was talking to my running buddy about bananas... and how i like them to be a lil brown b/c they'rw sweeter... and she's like 'well, if you eat them while they're super sweet, then they aren't good for you- so you should only eat half of one at a time."
No- i'm not kidding. I tried explaining it to her, but she dind't listen.
Haha ignorant Americans.

Omegachuck said...

Cora, my dad was like that with bananas. He would let them turn black, and loved them because they were super sweet. Whole family called them rotten, but he ate any soft black banana he could find. I say that's when they are just right for a super sweet banana smoothie. Mmmmmm, good.!

badash said...


you probably know this but bananas arent ripe until they have brown dots!

Daniel Brayack said...

I would have raised my hand too

Omegachuck said...

Ash, now you keep me informed on your science class adventures and topics this year. I'm always here to toss in an opinion; your climber-scientist in residence so to say. You be sure to keep them guessing.