Sunday, July 13, 2008


Hey guys,

Sorry I have slowed down on posting --- I thought that nobody read my blog so I pretty much didn't care to update if nobody was reading it. (well I knew 2 people kinda read it - they are my commenters. ha ha)

But I met a lot of people at the meetup who have read my blog, so I think i am going to start posting more soon!


Steve picked me up in Nashville, and we went back to Chattanooga and picked up Nicole, then we headed out to Atlanta. We went to the Dekalb farmer's market - it was HUUUUUGE!!! It is pretty much a raw fooder's paradise!!! =)

Then we headed towards R. Thomas for the dinner:


The meetup was an absolute BLAST. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO SHOWED UP! IT was amazing! Everyone was full of good energy!!! I met a lot of new people and every single one of them were beautiful inside and out.

I had YOUNG COCONUTS for my FIRST TIME and OH MY GOSH - I HAVE A NEW FAVORITE FOOD!!! It's amazing because i HATE mature coconuts - I cant stand them! Young coconuts are TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! =) =) =)

I shared a gourmet meal with BUNNY BERRY ( and it was amazing. (check the vid she posted on her page of the meetup)

I also met Audry, who shared with everyone her homegrown cucumbers!!! I brought a few home and I plan on adding them to my daily green juice.

I even got to meet Dhrumil himself - such a cool guy!

This was my first raw food meetup and the first time I have hung out with ANY raw fooders!!! I felt like I could really connect with everyone!!! I wish I knew more in NASHVILLE. oh well.

HERE ARE SOME PICS i stole from


Then we headed back to Chattanooga where I stayed with Steve and Nicole. The next morning I skimmed through their library of raw food books and I am borrowing Raw Food Real World - It's pretty amazing! I also really want to buy RAWvolution but I don't have the money for either at the moment. =/

Before I came back to Nashville, we stopped at Greenlife and I got a huge thing of green juice made by Ardens Garden -- - check it out, its unpasteurized, raw juice that is made daily! I WISH THEY WERE IN NASHVILLE! ha ha

I also got some raw "Berry Good Cereal" and even a raw chocolate bar. Greenlife has a little raw food section, unlike Nashville's whole foods..... I am going to have to talk to my whole foods!!!

anyways, I am going to go climb now.... IT WAS NICE MEETING A LOT OF YOU!!!


HiHoRosie said...

Fun! Good to hear you had such a good time and met lots of raw foodies. I'm jealous! Hopefully, you'll start seeing some changes there in Nashville. Maybe you'll be the one to help pave the way. :)

HiHoRosie said...

Hey, just saw you on Bunny's video! Hee hee! FUN! You're so cute!

Sarah said...

Sounds like so much fun! Awesome! <3

Cora said...

That video was awesome! I thought it was funny how every time the camera was towards you... you were like "..oh.. Hi!!" and waved, hehe.

I decided to really stick it to Raw, again- after my birthday- so starting Aug 1st.

I'm doing it this time, i swear.

I won't be able to go 100% Raw, keep my chicken and meat... but really decrease my intake.

Omegachuck said...

Well Ash', I've just signed up for the blog under this screen name( instead of Woodchuck), and now you have 3 regular blog-followers! You are always so charged up and excited; how can anybody NOT want to read your daily updates??