Friday, July 25, 2008

Yesterday's training

I forgot to post yesterday.

During the day I visited my tutor. She is one of my biggest inspirations and I missed her very much, so I stopped by and we talked for a few hours! She is one of the wisest people I know, and she ALWAYS has an open mind!

We talked a LOT about raw food! She might try it! I love when people I know are interested in trying it. It really makes me happy that people support me! ALSO she is planning on building a greenhouse! ITS SO EXCITING! It really makes me want one! I might come over and learn a few things!!!

We also talked about spirit guides, aliens, meditation, and all that jazz.

Then I went to the climbing gym and I swear --- every single day, SOMEONE who I haven't seen comes around and says "ASH you look different!" and I always say, "have you seen me with my haircut?" and they either say "yes" or "no but its not just that"........ and they all say that "I look skinnier" or "I look more athletic" or "Your cheeks sunk in more!" or something!

It's pretty awesome. They all ask me what I've been doing different, and I'm not afraid to tell them. "RAW FOOD, DUDE!"

Anyways, as far as training goes, I did this:

-5 by 6s (5 problems, 6 times each)
-campus routine levels 1,2,3 (campusing is a training style for climbing where you don't use your feet -- only your arms!)

Then I came home and did a late night vinyasa flow by candlelight.

(this photo was a few days ago, but it was yoga by candlelight as well soooo it all works in this post!)

Yesterday after I came home and I was typing on my computer, I felt like I was lifting out of my body. It was the weirdest thing ever, but I wasn't giving into it. Like, I was in the middle of an email so I wasn't opening myself up to rising up further. BUT SERIOUSLY, my body or soul or something felt like it was lifting out of my body!!!!!!!

okay, i'm outta here. I'm gonna go meditate, do a yoga flow, and then go grocery shopping!


Omegachuck said...

Ash, I fear it was another one of your 'alien abductions' you were feeling. Otherwise, sounds like a fun workout day, and a good visit to a good friend. (My young science tutoree has been hiding from me lately.)

HiHoRosie said...

Yeah for raw foods! It's always great when other people are responsive about raw foods.