Monday, July 14, 2008




my attitude towards all areas of my life is changing...

So guess what guys ------

I am going to be a professional climber when I grow up.

Yes, I said it. My whole life I've always secretly wanted to do this, but I always tell myself, "oh no i could never do that --- i am not good enough"

but what i JUST realized it that if i tell myself that i CANT do something, then i really CANT.

.........but the beauty of life is that I C-A-N do ANYTHING i want, and i WILL!!!

I W-I-L-L become a pro climber.

I KNOW that I won't be THE BEST climber in the world (and i am totally fine with that) BUT what i do know is that I can do ANYTHING i want in life, and I WILL be a super strong girl climber that will be pretty well known and completey dedicated and commited to climbing and the climbing community.

For the past two years, my motivation has had its ups and downs. This whole summer has been a down... until now.

I have always TOLD myself that i WANT to be strong, but i never do SHIT about it.

until now.

In the past 2 years, my training has been low, and my coaches keep changing. I know that most people are like "oh whatever you dont need a coach, and comps are bullshit and yadda yadda" but this is what I think and believe:

-check out the girls my age who are WINNING the comps. They all have coaches who train them FREAKIN hard as shit.

-comps might be lame to some people, but I feel like they really push me to train harder, which will inevitebly make me stronger so i can ALSO crush outside!!!

-i am going to be a pro climber, so i want sponsors!!! Sponsors like their products to be noticed by as many people as possible, and winning comps can really help them out --- and i will be traveling for comps AND climbing outside, so its twice as good!

-I personally have had a hard time self-motivating myself... having a coach to help me figure out my schedule and my training plan has really helped me in the past (and in the NOW) and i really like having someone really push me --- because i can get pretty lazy and give up easily, but in the back of my mind i still want to get strong

I am learning about RESOLVE.... about flipping the switch and freakin COMMITING myself to climbing.

this is the process I am learning how to use:

1. PSYCHE - getting myself psyched to climb
2. MOTIVATION - using my psyche to watch vids of strong climbers and stuff to get motivation
3. RESOLVE - flipping my MIND switch into tunnel vision to achieve goals and climb a damn problem --- basically deciding what i am GOING to do, and not questioning it anymore
4. ACTION - DOING IT.... actually getting on the problem and sending it.... achieving goals... stuff like that

My training has been shit for SO LONG NOW. I just kinda lay around, talk to people at the gym, and dont give my workouts 100%. Even when i have told you i've been training, it has been wimpy training and i give up easily.

but from today on, my training is hardcore. WIth the help of my friend / coach, i have come up with a whole new training schedule, and i am dedicating myself to it. I will send it to you later if you want!!!

anyways, i just had to let that out... THANKS FOR READING, if any of you did!!!



HiHoRosie said...

Hey, good for you! And who knows, maybe you WILL be the best climber out there! That's great you have a dream and goals to achieve. You'll be a success!

Omegachuck said...

BAdash', I wanna see you out there in the 'Lode this fall, pushing a couple 13's during the Roktober' fest at the Red.