Wednesday, July 30, 2008



Last night I figured out my competition schedule for the upcoming climbing season.


Here is the schedule:

september 27 -- Georgia for an ABS comp @ Adrenaline
october 4 -- North Carolina for the Triple Crown comp @ Hound Ears
october 24 -- my local gym for an ABS comp
november 1 -- Alabama for the Triple Crown comp @ Horse Pens 40
december 6 -- Chattanooga, TN for the Triple Crown comp @ Little Rock City
december 13 -- another "local" gym about 35 minutes away from me for an ABS comp
January 3 -- Louisville Kentucky for an ABS comp (this one is tentative for me)
January 17 -- ABS REGIONALS in Georgia @ Adrenaline!

** ABS is the "American Bouldering Series" and for those of you who don't climb, bouldering is a type of climbing that I do best --- no ropes, powerful moves, really fun. Look up some pics or check out the pics on my myspace --

***Triple Crown is a series of 3 OUTDOOR bouldering competitions. They are SO MUCH FUN.

I'll share a few old pics with you from competing in the past:

climbing out the roof/cave on finals number 3 at ABS regionals at Adrenaline in Georgia, 2008?
hand/foot matched on finals number 3 at adult regionals in Nashville at Climb Nashville 2008? here is the same problem (climb) from another camera / further on the climb:ABS 8 Nationals... in baltimore? i think? (i always get the nationals locations mixed up) I'm pretty sure this was finals number 2:
I think this was Adult regionals in 2006? it was during the regular comp, not finals... but i was on an advanced problem. Photo by Adrew Kornylak.



sarabethxvx said...

yeah take pics and let me know how they taste... If I had vanilla bean handy I may add that to the cacao and date mixture. I also will soak and sprout the seeds/nuts then dehydrate most likely ;)

sarabethxvx said...

Yeah almonds! It will be like a raw snickers!

Omegachuck said...

Looks like a football season schedule. Home and away 'games', sort of. Keep up the good eats' and training and you will do fine again this year.

HiHoRosie said...

Cool pix! And you had such long hair! I love your hair now.

Good luck on the competitions! Def. keep us posted.

HiHoRosie said...

You rocked in last year's competitions - bummer about finals though. this year I'm rootin' you on to go all the way!!! You are one tough chick - you'd kick my ass for sure so I'm hoping you kick everybody else's! And power to the raw foods! That'll be interesting to follow as you document that.

And bless your heart for donating your hair. That's really cool.

HiHoRosie said...

No, haven't seen the recommending it? :) I've heard good things about it, maybe i should!

And yeah, love how the bike thing fell into place b/c I totally wanted one. In fact, the one I saw recently that I wanted b/c it was cute was $850. Uh, don't think so!

I love quotes! I feel a twinge of regret b/c recently I got rid of a HUGE binder full of quotes I collected over the years (a friend organized and put it together for me). I got rid of it to eliminate "stuff" that was collecting dust. Oh well. There's always google to find good quotes. :) But yeah, I like the one I posted. It's perfect for right now.

Cheryl said...

wait, ABS regionals aren't at climb nashville this year?!

Autumn said...

Great pictures. Good luck with the competitions!

Omegachuck said...

She will have a healthy green drink in a bottle holster on her harness and some green leafy veges in her pocket to snack on I'm sure. Go Ash! Best of luck in comps. No wonder you have no time to hang at the Red for weeks at a time.!

badash said...

LOL thanks everyone