Wednesday, July 23, 2008

late post

hey, sorry i didnt post yesterday or today --- I spent the night at my friend's house LAST MINUTE and then today I hosted a tyedye party!!! so that was fun!

heres the training update though:

-set of 5 by 6s (5 climbs, 6 times, little to no break between sets)
-worked on HARD projects and climbs until i was completely wasted

and I forget what I ate, but I do remember what I ate for breakfast!

"oatmeal" --- my own raw version:

-2 apples, chopped in food processor until apple sauce-y with a few chunky parts

-1 ripe banana, blended/chopped with apples (gave it a creamy consistency

-cinnamon and raisins sprinkled in

-fresh fruit mixed in (in this case, strawberries)

it had the same consistency as oatmeal and tasted FANTASTIC!

i'm a little late on doing my sets since I hosted a tyedye part and had friends over all day, but I am about to finish this:

-160 squats
-160 reverse crunches

and I was supposed to bike this morning but I wasn't even at my house so it was impossible... but i DID go swimming but it was with my friends, so it wasn't laps or anything. I tried to be active as much as i could, but its hard when you have friends over!!!

i'll do a yoga session later as well... i love late night yoga sessions in my room with candlelight! =)


Omegachuck said...

Ahhh, a tie dye party indeed. Was afraid you were gonna fall short on your quota of new fall tie dye fashions. Hmmm, any more wedding dresses being designed??

HiHoRosie said...

Pics of the tie dye please! :)

And don't worry about nominating people for an award or nominate whoever! At least put the award up on your blog. It'll look fancy. ha ha!

Sarah said...

I bet my children would love your oatmeal. I'll have to try that sometime. It looks awesome :)

Omegachuck said...

that strawberry thing looks delicious. Applesauce, 'berries and maybe half a pound of brown sugar on my serving please.

badash said...

Brown sugar? no, no... try adding more fruit!!! there is already so much delicious sugar in fruit!!! Or look at your local health food store for agave nectar - it comes in a little plastic bottle thing, and its like sugar! It's a sweetener from a cactus plant!

Anonymous said...

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