Monday, July 21, 2008

wimpy training and madwoman cleaning

Today I took on some of my mother's traits.

I was on a cleaning and organizing RAMPAGE. It was CRAZY.

I totally transformed my room!

This also meant I didn't spend much of my time training. I still got everything done, (well I'm about to finish off my crunches) but.... it was wimpy all day.

When I woke up and went outside to ride my bike, it was SO HOT that I would've seriously blacked out if I rode up my neighborhood hills... seriously...

SOOOOOOOO instead I got in the pool and started doing laps, but then got lazy and just kinda messed around. BUT HEY, at least I DID quite a few laps! Probably not enough, but at least I didn't totally back out!

SO all in all, this is what I did today:

-swimming (well, a few laps in the pool)
-160 push-ups - it was a struggle
-160 crunches - feel the burn!
-vinyassa flow / stretching

ummmmm I forget (oops) wait wait...
I know I drank green juice when I woke up, and not long after I drank the water from a young coconut.

Thennnnnnnn I put together a huge plate of fruit that was chopped up and half frozen (similar to icecream!) and I drizzled a cacao sauce over it (made out of dates,water,&cacao) The fruit was bananas, strawberries, and a little mango. IT WAS DELICIOUS.

I don't really remember eating anything else... I ate the fruit plate in 2 servings, so........ yeah thats all I ate. (there was a LOT OF FRUIT)

it was so good, like.. omg... i'll post pics later but my laptop is frozen right now because of facebook - i hate that site!


yardsnacker said...

You are such a stinking cool chick. Hiho and I are officially adopting you. Please tell your folks, tough luck baby!



Sarah said...

Hey I think cleaning and transforming a room is exercise!!! :-)

Omegachuck said...

Ash, you are just going bonkers since the raw foods thing started. R U sure you don't need to get out bouldering a few more hours a day? Hey, I'm due for an invite over to the pool too!!!

HiHoRosie said...

Hey BadAsh! I have to agree with Sarah - that's a workout! :) And how nice to swim after.

Your menu sounds delightful! Esp the coconut water part. mmm

HiHoRosie said...

Go to my blog. Right now! I just nominated you for an award - details are on my blog. :)