Saturday, July 26, 2008

SOOOOO as you may notice when you scroll down the page, I added pics to some old posts. CHECK THEM OUT!

yesterday's training ---

-25 minute bike ride

-160 push-ups

-160 crunches

-vinyasa flow


Omegachuck said...

Push-ups, yes. Crunches for me? Sadly not enough. I am soo not self disciplined to do them. Keep up the workouts and green slime drinks.

badash said...


push-ups are like HELL.

crunches are heaven!

and the green slime drinks are better than you think. My mom and dad tried a TIIIINY bit of mine this morning and they were both SHOCKED at how sweet it is. It basically just tastes like ripe bananas with a little other fruit in it. no kidding.

Omegachuck said...

It's all about the taste, not the color it comes out. Mmmm, banana and strawberry( or any berry flavor) is the best mix. So naturally sweet.
I had a Coke and 2 ham sandwiches for dinner as I sat outside for a free concert at our forest preserve.( AllmanBros cover band, 'Eat a Peach') I should have had a peach instead of the junk food.

badash said...

yeah, now take that banana/strawberry smoothie and add a handful of spinach! its still delicious and it makes you feel EVEN BETTER!

Omegachuck said...

Spinach has its place for me in salads or eaten raw. I just can't see messing up that flavor by putting it in a wonderful banana smoothie. I'll just grab a handful to eat separately.