Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day in the life of BADASH

I feel like sharing a day in the life of Ashley.

so here you have it, a

You really can’t imagine it in full detail unless you have been to my house or know my family, but here is a glimpse:

-I wake up and get out of bed. My feet hit the floor and I thank the Universe for another day.

-I walk over to my laptop, flip it up, click the internet and let it load while I go to the bathroom to pee. Then I check myspace, email, and my blog.

-While I am at my desk, I look at my vision board. This is something I made from watching The Secret (please watch it if you haven’t already – it changed my life and it will change yours as well) Anyways, it’s a bulletin board type of thing where I post goals and things with pictures, but I act like I have already achieved them. So I meditate on those things on a daily basis. It helps my dreams become reality!

-I go to the kitchen and right away drink a LOT of water. Then I take out my juicer to make my green juice.

-I drink the green juice outside and think about the day ahead of me – what I need to do and what I need to accomplish.

-my dad is usually outside gardening in his speedo. He is a CHARACTER, let me tell you. But that is a whole different story.

-I come back inside, and take the big pulp thing out to the compost pile located at the edge of our yard. I throw it in there and then on my way back to the house, I stop by my watermelon plants, check out how they are doing, and then do the same to the tomatoes. I also look at my pond and experience the beauty. I usually spend this time to thank the Universe again for the beautiful plants and my beautiful yard. (which I also have to thank my dad for!!!)

-sometimes I drop the pulp container and just collapse in the sun for around 30 minutes, just because it is SO powerful. It makes me feel so good!

-I waste an hour or two on the internet, looking at recipes, my email, videos, myspaces, and all that stuff.

-Then I make a green smoothie and go CLIMB!

-When I get to the gym, I am often side-tracked, as I am friends with just about EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that place. I talk to everyone for a minute, and then I get to BUSINESS and TRAIN. (having so many friends at the gym is kind of hard sometimes when you are trying to train – they all want to talk to me and show me climbs and stuff, but recently they understand that I need to get to business!)

-After the gym, I come home and do a vinyasa flow. It’s pleasant.

-Then I make something to eat and then just THINK for a very long time. Think about my life and where its going. I think about my day, my past, my present, and my future. I DO A LOT OF THINKING. Then I support my thinking by looking up things online for knowledge. I do a lot of research. I don’t learn a damn thing at school – I learn everything in my own time.

-After a while, I go to bed and the whole process starts over in the morning.

I bet nobody read that, LOL. I just really felt like typing it. Some day I will make a movie and you can watch that and understand.


Omegachuck said...

More sexy raw apple photos...I saw them! Mmmm, I love how you think and create new recipes.
Ash my AM is almost the same as your....well the part about getting up to pee anyway. And the hours flippin' though the internet. How many hours at C-Nash' do you usually do a day? Mostly climb/workout or also working? Repeat. Like in Groundhog's Day.
So much for a dull summer. What about swimming laps in the pool daily? No legs, just all arms in breaststroke mode, so you get boulder crushing strength in the shoulders for next V9 problem.
Have a fun weekend.

badash said...

Ummmm i usually am at the gym like 3-4 hours, sometimes less and sometimes more. I've been known to do 9 hours. LOL.

I swim a lot but not on a daily basis. I was on swim team before I climbed -- breaststroke was MY stroke - it's always been my favorite.

Omegachuck said...

Well no wonder you are a powerful climbing've got the swim-shoulders that now have perfectly adapted for climbing. Thank you Darwin. Evolution does it again!. Our genetic climbing ancestry is coming out.

calaismarie said...

you sound SO alive in only the best of ways.

Fruit Dragon said...

I read it :-). I like your blog.


Joe Rand said...

I read it, kept waiting to see what you do for work.. then I realized you are like my little brother and mostly play on computer and...he breakdances, but your climbing schedule is similar.

badash said...

joe rand,

i do work.. just not a lot. I work at the local CLIMBING gym, ha ha. but seriously...

Omegachuck said...

She calls it 'work', but I think it's really just more hours of training and having fun. I don't think Ash' is mopping up sweaty locker rooms each day.

HiHoRosie said...

ha ha! Love your day in the life! And your dad sounds like a hoot but not sure about speedos!