Wednesday, July 16, 2008



breakfast: BIG glass of green juice – romaine, celery, cucumber, ginger (does anyone know how to properly juice this? or am I supposed to grate it?)

lunch: HUUUUUUUUUGE salad with romaine, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, pineapple, and mango with an orange / avocado dressing… and a few nuts sprinkled on the top. Yes, it was fattening. but I got in a ridiculous amount of greens, so it was well worth it, as I usually don’t even eat salads.

dinner: chocolate smoothie --- 3-4 bananas (I forget), dash of cinnamon, dash of vanilla, a little bit of cacao powder / nibs

I definitely took in a lot of greens today, especially with the salad. I realize that it was a fattening salad since I used an avocado to make dressing AND I sprinkled nuts on it, but I ENJOYED the salad more than I have enjoyed any salad in my life, so it was definitely a step in my eating habits. Plus, I will burn any fat tomorrow when I climb!!! For once while being raw, I feel FULL at every meal!!! I feel FANTASTIC!!! and STRONG!!!

and about the chocolate smoothie --- well, before I discovered raw chocolate, I was ALWAYS hungry and I felt pretty weak. I never told anyone this, but I constantly felt like blacking out (and my vision WOULD go black sometimes!) But then I found Raw Cacao and things changed. I felt really solid and strong at every workout, and I actually felt really full after my meal. It makes me feel HAPPY, and it’s almost as if its what my body NEEDED. I try not to overdo it, but at this point in my life I reallllllly like raw cacao!!! like, REALLY. I eat under 2 conditions --- if it makes me feel good, and if its healthy, and raw cacao is both. =]


bike ride
– riding in circles for like 10 minutes and then going down the big hill and back up then riding in more circles, LOL. The hill got me breathing HARD, but I made it!

100 squats with 10 pounds – these weren’t really hard, but simply annoying (since I had to pay good attention to my form and make sure I was doing them right).

100 reverse crunches -- definitely burned

50 bicycle crunches – (one crunch = a movement to each side) this burned towards the end and I definitely broke a sweat. I love doing bicycles!!!!!!

swimming – laps and non-stop movement in water for 20 minutes, easy, I got myself breathing hard when I was doing speed laps!!!

I’m still sore from earlier this week! My chest area is sore from pushups and my arms/shoulders/back are sore from climbing and push-ups…. GEEEZ.

oh and I totally forgot to do a vinyasa flow today. I might do some yoga later, but get this ---Yesterday I was cleaning my room and I found a yoga-strengthening video that a friend gave me last year… I think it was a SIGN. Since I always lose focus and forget what I am doing, I am going to watch this video to get more knowledge. It’s weird though, whenever I used to go to yoga classes I’d do everything FINE. But now I get SOOOOOO distracted. I’m working on it!!!


HiHoRosie said...

Another impressive workout!

You asked if I have a carrot recipe....kinda. Do you have a dehydrator? If so, there are some cracker recipes that use veggie/carrot pulp and/or juice, otherwise, I just use carrots in my salads and juices.

And grapes...uh I know nuthin! Except eating them or juicing them. Kind of a pain tho'.

Mangoes, same thing. Eat them or smoothie them. Those you could probably prep and freeze for later use.

With ginger you do have to juice a lot of it to get that ginger bite. I can taste it usually but it's not strong so put in a bigger chunk and try that. Juiced ginger and carrot go great together. Carrots are sugary tho so you might want some greens or other veggies to offset if necessary, otherwise it's pretty tasty as is.

yardsnacker said...

Hey Badash, like, whatever for not saying congrats and shizzle. You are a total fart knocker. hahaha just kiddn ya



Omegachuck said...

Ash, I'm laughing (sorry) at the 'riding in circles' part. I can just guess what your neighbors NOW think of your antics. As if the slackline wasn't enough. Hills are sooo great for bike training. You go girl', as Oprah would say.