Saturday, July 05, 2008

Farewell Chicago

Chicago was pretty amazing.... 11 days of the city was quite wonderful!

okay, so I am not going to go into detail about every single day, BUT i do want to share my raw food experiences:


I went to a raw food restaurant called Karyn's. I ordered a stuffed pizza. OKAY, so I'll be completely honest - it TASTED AMAZING. It tasted just like a real pizza.


omg... i wasn't hungry for the next 2 freakin days. Seriously. that pizza must've been so dense! My body had been so used to a low fat, mostly fruit diet that when i ate this gourmet meal, my body freaked out!!! it took a while for it to digest. I mean, don't get me wrong, it tasted amaaaaaaazing!!! I also got a carob mint cake to go... and it took 2-3 days for me to eat it (it was so rich, i could only eat a little at a time! it was freakin amazing though!)

after that i went back to LOWWWWWWWWWW fat.... and finally i'm back to normal.

one other amazing raw experience was this market right up the street from where i stayed --- it was called Stanley's and OMG its amazing! ITS SOOOOOO CHEAP! 10 kiwis for a dollar.... 10 plums for a dollar.... i mean, CMON! i got a huge watermelon for like 4-5 bucks!!! and half the store was organic, and even THOSE prices were SO CHEAP! it was definitely exciting!!!

one more thing - i went to a whole foods there and they had a BIG area devoted to raw items. since my local whole foods doesnt have anything like that, i got a few things: raw cacoa nibs (for whenever i occasionally make some kind of chocolate treat), raw chocolate cookies (which i ended up not even liking --- i decided i hate coconut), and a "climbers mix" --- it was raw cashews and goji berries, but i just thought it was amazing that it was for climbers. =)

now i'm back in nash and i came in and weighed myself --- 103. YIKES. slightly underweight, but i think that might also be because i lost muscle weight for not climbing for 11 days. out


HiHoRosie said...

What????? You don't like coconut? How could you!

Glad to hear you had a great trip. I wish my WF had more raw foods too but glad they're starting to at least incorporate more here and there. Maybe one of ours will be next.

And raw pizza? Oh my is that good stuff. Although, I've never had a stuffed one I can only imagine how dense, yet WONDERFUL it must've been. :) Maybe I'll have to figure out how to make one anyway. hee hee

HiHoRosie said...

yeah, it must be the texture of dried coconut you don't like. Get a fresh young coconut and use the water and/or meat from it in your smoothie and you'll be heaven! Or just eat/drink it straight. That's good too.

Sarah said...

Hey babe! Yeah, man, google liver flushes and your mind will be BLOWN. I just ordered a book on liver flushes from Amazon; I will definitely share with you the information that I've found. I have noticed that I am bruising more easily, which lead me to investigate the cause - and a lot of people say that it can be a high toxicity in your liver. Yikes!