Friday, July 18, 2008


breakfast: green juice (romaine, celery, cucumber, 2 apples, ginger)

water from a young coconut

lunch: pineapple mango smoothie

snack: almonds. I would like to say “one handful” but they are too addicting… eh, oh well, I’ll work it off and eat more greens later on

dinner: apple sauce delight:…well I took a look at what I have an abundance of--- I’m trying to be smart eating what is the RIPEST and in ABUNDANCE, so that I don’t waste any food. It looked like I have a LOT of apples. So this is what I did:

1. I took 3 apples and pulsed them in the blender so that it was apple-saucy but with bigger chunks too
2. I sprinkled cinnamon, raisins, and a little bit of cacao nibs on top (to taste) and mixed it together
3. It needed a LITTLE something else, so I took a tablespoon of almond butter and mixed it all up. IT was pretty good!

it kinda looks like shit, but it tasted similar to apple pie... like... apple cinnamon raisin goodness:
drink: I just realized that my almond milk is going to go bad if I don't drink the rest of it today... so I enjoyed the last cup of my almond milk. MMMmmm.

For dinner I was GOING to eat a huge mono meal of grapes because they will go bad if I don’t eat them, buttttttt after I took a few bites I realized either they weren’t very good grapes, or I just REALLY wasn’t in the mood for them… back in the fridge they go!


bike ride – my legs were getting really tired after 10 minutes, but I rode for 25 at a constant speed… I got pretty wiped out, but 20 minutes later I was back on my feet and ready to do more exercise!

viyasa / stretching – relaxing

100 pushups – I am so bad at pushups… I can barely finish each set (of 20) these are KILLERRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I want to say, “fuck it” every single set…. but then I remind myself of the benefits I will get and the goals I will achieve. I gotta stay strong!

100 crunches -- definitely burned

-IM STILL SORE. I’ve been sore every single day in different areas. Today when I woke up, my arms were really sore. I also feel really stiff – I need to do more yoga and stretching.

-I'm pretty exhausted. I randomly took a nap today, which is something I hardly ever do. It felt good!!!


HiHoRosie said...

More yummies!

Omegachuck said...

Ash, you need to move out all summer to Miguel's, and be his healthy alternative diet 'chef'. You would love it! You design menu specials for 3 days a week, and climb all the other days. Think about it.....

calaismarie said...

yeah you're drinking almond milk! yeehoo!