Monday, July 14, 2008

monday, july 14


-morning: green juice (nutri-boost from Ardens Garden -

-afternoon: 3 ants on a log (3 celery sticks with almond butter and raisins on top)

-snack: more than my fair share of a blended raw nut mix -- almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamias, and walnuts

-banana (my mananger had an overripe one he needed to get rid of...)

-evening: HUGE glass of grapefruit / pineapple juice

NOTES: I need to go a few days and eat ZERO fat.... i totally ate way too many nuts. They are so addicting. OKAY, zero fat for the next 2 days (and then slowly i will add a LITTLE more later on) LESSON LEARNED.


vinyasa flow - man, I was totally not focused... I need to work on this!!!

biking - whew! I went through 2 really steep hills in my neighborhood and had a hard time with it. I'm not used to biking uphill to say the least --- I wish I could ride somewhere FLAT to start!!! My heart rate definitely got up though, FOR SURE.

100 crunches throughout the day - easy, light burn...

100 push-ups throughout the day - i felt like giving up all the time. I'm really weak at push-ups.... i did 5 sets of 20 and i had to kinda push myself.... it kinda hurts my back!!!

**general notes: I feel sore today.... my upper thighs / butt is kinda sore??? I don't know why??? The only exercise i did yesterday was walk a couple miles through my neighborhood --- maybe that was it??? My neighborhood has some massive hills, and i hadn't walked in a WHILE.


Frank said...

ah fats can be addictive.
High fruits for me please but now and then I have major cravings for cashews. Not just a few, well maybe a few handfuls!!

But always go back to fruit and greens
Enjoying cucumber watermelon juice right now!!

badash said...

i cant see your page to reply to you, Frank!

but yes yes, for the next few days its no more fats for me.

fruits and veggies -- YUMMMM

HiHoRosie said...

Wow, incredible workout! Makes my tummy ache for ya. :)